The Refillable Shop

This fantastic independent and female driven local business is the ultimate shopping experience. Refillable is a great place to refill all your everyday essentials, immersing yourself in the true meaning of experiential retail. Their ethos is to offer a different platform of grocery shopping, one that reduces unnecessary plastic packaging. But not just a pretty Refill shop, we’d say! Refillable is the first shop in Bath to offer an alternative to take out disposable coffee cups and bowls: the Edible selection. Yes, you can have your coffee and eat your cup! The cups and plates have become “the-talk-of-the-town” must try product with great feedback from customers. Made from bran wheat they also pack a good nutritional punch. Pop in at the Refillable shop for your daily refills, have a great coffee or cake and enjoy being part of a community that is making a difference to the environment.

2-3 Cleveland Place East, London road, Bath, BA1 5DJ
Tel: 01225 322810 Web: