The Orangery review: Rejuvenate with the M3 Matrix facial

Who would have thought that a single treatment would make your face come to life? That’s what happened to Emma Clegg when she visited The Orangery and encountered the M3 Matrix

Just sometimes that familiar face in the mirror falls short of expectations. Dark shadows, dull, imperfect skin, a bit too much sag in crucial places. So what can be done? Well you could seek out a facial with the M3 Matrix machine, just as I did recently at The Orangery in Argyle Street.

Let’s face it, lying on your back for well over an hour does bring automatic benefits for those living life in a whirl. But if you add to this a treatment that includes Microdermabrasion, Non-needle Mesotherapy and Radio Frequency, you will almost certainly feel the difference.

Now I’ve bamboozled you with terms, let me introduce you to the M3 Matrix. It’s a very neat, unassuming machine but it certainly packs some power, which is dispensed in different stages of the facial treatment. But first cleansing is required. So having laid back flat, wrapped snugly in towels, the Genosys Snow O2 cleanser was applied to my face to remove any impurities on the skin.

This led us on to the first M3 Matrix stage, Microdermabrasion, a form of exfoliation. The sensation is of a suction across the surface of the skin. This starts softly and is increased gradually, according to client preference. It was a satisfying experience, like a focused mini massage of the face as the top layer of dead, dry skin is removed, exposing the fresh cells underneath. This treatment benefits imperfect skin texture, congested skin with open pores and blackheads, scarring, puffyness and ageing skin. It stimulates the lymph drainage to remove impurities. It also means that applied products are more effectively absorbed.

Non-needle Mesotherapy was next, this process powered by ultrasound and a mild electrical current. A serum and soothing gel solution that included peptides was applied to my face and a wetted pad was put on my upper back, which helps conduct the current. I then felt the smooth metal head of the M3 Matrix, which was kept in constant motion over my skin. More gel was added, then more heat. The electrical current created a very pleasant and restorative warm feeling. Again, the levels of ultrasound and current can be adjusted depending on the heat clients feel comfortable with. This process helps to brighten the skin, improve skin tone, rejuvenate, oxygenate and regenerate skin tissues, as well as achieving skin tightening and lifting of the skin.

Radio Frequency was next. With the face covered with ultrasound gel, one side of the face was worked on at a time, using specific wavelengths to tighten and lift the skin, while stimulating collagen and elastin. This treatment transmits heat to the skin and brings the blood to the surface. It is effective for fine lines and wrinkles and lymphatic drainage, including the reduction of dark circles under the eyes and the tightening of skin around the jawline and neck.

Once this was done, the ultrasound gel was removed and an algae sheet mask was applied to my face. A cavitation spatula was then run over the surface of the mask, creating vibration as it gently pushed the products through. At this point my skin felt very radiant and warm.

I was advised that the results of the M3 Matrix facial would be most noticeable the following morning when the skin had had time to settle and that I should drink plenty of water. I did feel very relaxed after my treatment, in fact for the rest of that day. My skin also felt very stimulated and alive, active, responsive and connected, as if it had been woken up from a long dormancy. I felt a lovely tingling sensation for three days after the treatment, and more than a week later I’m still feeling the beneficial glow. I do still have shadows under my eyes, but I only had one treatment instead of the course of treatments that is advised to give results. However my skin does feels smoother, responsive to my touch, as if it is shaken up and grateful for this awakening. I’d not thought of my face so literally as a living thing before, and I am determined now to pay it more attention.

The M3 Matrix facial treatments are bespoke to each client, advised according to your skin goals, and won’t necessarily need to include all the stages that I had. Contact The Orangery initially to arrange a free consultation to discuss your M3 Matrix facial journey.

The Orangery is offering £50 off your first M3 Matrix facial treatment. Just mention you have read this feature in The Bath Magazine when you book. Terms and conditions apply.
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