The Gainsborough Bath Spa Review: The healing escape

Jasmine Tyagi visits the Spa Village at Gainsborough Bath Spa, and discovers an exotic, golden world offering the ultimate in relaxation. Use this day package to step away from your busy life and enjoy some healing treatments and a spot of afternoon tea.

Walking into the Spa Village at Gainsborough Bath Spa induced an overwhelming sensory experience as I responded to the warmth, comfort and allure of the different aromas hanging in the air. I knew that this spa experience was going to be a treat.

The Spa Village at The Gainsborough Bath Spa is the only place other than the Thermae Bath Spa where you can bathe in Bath’s natural thermal waters. The water is rich in minerals such as magnesium, and these penetrate through your skin to your muscles, helping your body to achieve deep relaxation. The Gainsborough Bath Spa’s Spa Day package gives you four hours in this heavenly place, where you’re able to explore the two saunas, the steam room and the three pools.

On arrival I was greeted by Addy, who gave me the Gainsborough Bath Spa welcome drink, called Orgeat – this refreshing, almond-infused sparkling water salutes the beginning of your transformative experience. With the Spa Day package you can choose from a selection of three treatments – the Gainsborough Signature Massage, the Elemis Facial or a hybrid treatment in which you have a 25-minute back massage and a 25-minute facial. If you would like to add other treatments you can easily upgrade. I was treated to a full body massage, as well as a Gold Hydralifting Mineral Omorovicza Facial.

Starting with the massage, I lay on the heated bed feeling totally at ease thanks to my therapist Hana’s calming aura. She worked on the back of my body, focusing on the areas of concern that we’d discussed in the consultation – specifically tension in my upper back and shoulders. As she moved her hands around my back, the tension in my muscles gradually diffused as I relaxed. In this deeply sensory moment the stresses and toxins were easing away – it was the ultimate massage experience – I was floating on a serene cloud of wellbeing.

Having had skin problems as a child, I’m anxious using creams and exfoliants as finding anything that soothes and suits has always been a challenge. This has meant an inconsistency finding a good skincare routine. What’s more, in the UK all of us are starved of Vitamin D in the winter months when our skin gets starved of direct sunlight. So my face and complexion definitely had some issues going on that needed attention.

The products applied were by the skincare brand Omorovicza, which cooperates with the world-famous laboratory once used by Albert Szent-Györgyi, and is where he discovered Vitamin C in the 1930s and was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work.

My therapist’s fingers, delicately and expertly glided across every part of my face, giving the impression that every single skin cell was tingling.

The Omorovicza facial treatment contains a fermented extract called mineral elixir from healing thermal waters in Budapest. Other products used contained colloidal gold (gold in liquid form). During this 50-minute facial my skin was double-cleansed with two mud masks. The first was the Ultramoor Mud Mask, which boosts the elasticity of the skin. When applied gently to my face, this treatment extracted any impurities under the dead skin. The second was a gold Hydralifting Mask, moisturising the fresh layer with the healing powers of gold. The facial was so relaxing that I fell asleep, but was gently woken by the application of an ice serum, which revitalises the skin to combat dullness.

Hana also worked her way around my neck, shoulders and on to my arms and applied a sugar-based scrub mixed with gold shimmer (containing real gold particles), leaving my skin feeling astonishingly smooth. After the smear of a lip-plumping balm, my treatment was over and it was back to reality, but this time with a new face; reinvigorated, refreshed and brightened.

I was then guided to the relaxation terrace overlooking the Bath House. Sitting on a lounger and sipping my lavender-infused herbal tea, with no phone or technology, I was completely detached from day to day stresses and felt as if I was detoxing both physically and mentally. Far removed from the bustle of the world outside , I embraced the serenity of it all.

Of course, one cannot visit the Gainsborough Spa without exploring the beautiful thermal pools. So I relished doing so until it was time to get dressed and make my way to the Canvas Room, where my afternoon tea awaited. The tea is presented with daintily cut sandwiches, two scones, and a range of bite-size desserts. I paired this with Darjeeling tea and was thoroughly looked after by the attentive waiters.

The whole experience at the Gainsborough Bath Spa is truly unique. With wonderful, warm and welcoming staff, the environment is both aesthetically pleasing and soothing to the soul. This is a place that will make you feel invigorated in mind and body.

There are a selection of 50-minute treatments included in the Spa Day packages. To find out what’s included and for the latest prices, visit