The environmental benefits of timber windows

Research shows that in recent years homeowners are growing increasingly more aware about how their life choices impact the environment. So, they’re beginning to make more conscious decisions about the companies they work with and the products they buy. The number of homeowners looking for items which are durable, long-lasting, and reusable is increasing year-on-year.

While buying locally produced goods is a fantastic change in the right direction, one way to have an even bigger impact involves looking much closer to home. Exploring the materials that we use in our homes can make a significant difference to the environment as Managing Director of Bereco – manufacturer and supplier of high-end timber windows – Nicola Harrison explains.

“If you have an interest in making more eco-conscious decisions that’ll have a lasting impact, then take a look at the materials used in your own property. Making your home more energy efficient is a great way to reduce your household’s energy bills and carbon footprint.”

Improving the energy efficiency of your home

Reports show that 25-30% of a home’s heat is lost through inefficient windows, so looking at the type of windows you currently have in your home is a great first step.

Timber is a first-class window material that truly ticks all the boxes for eco-conscious homeowners. It’s replenished naturally which means it is fully biodegradable and has the lowest embodied carbon rate compared to any other window material.

With proper maintenance and care, timber windows can last up to 60 years or more, which is twice as long as other alternatives, reducing the amount of overall waste created from replacing windows. Additionally, as a fully recyclable material, any old timber windows can simply be reprocessed for other uses, so nothing is ever truly wasted.

“When it comes to windows, timber is a fantastic choice for those looking for a more sustainable option,” explains Nicola.

“It’s a robust and reliable natural material that’s 100% renewable band it lasts a lifetime.”

Timber is also an impressive insulator which is why it’s the perfect addition to any home, as Nicola highlights.

“Timber windows not only look fantastic, but they deliver outstanding thermal performance and can help to keep your property well insulated during the colder months.

“When designed correctly, timber windows achieve excellent u-values and can reduce the amount of unwanted heat loss in your home, helping to lower your energy bills. Plus, as it doesn’t take as much energy to heat your property, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.”

Choosing energy efficient timber windows

Choosing the right timber windows for your property is an important decision. You want to not only find the best match for your home, but you want to work with a company that will deliver the best possible


At Bereco, timber windows are made from naturally renewable materials that are carbon negative and are manufactured from sustainable forests. With almost 20 years’ experience working with homeowners across the UK, the team has the skills and knowledge to help every customer enhance the character of their property with beautifully bespoke and carefully crafted timber windows.

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