Bath Academy Students Cooking for Charity

This week, Bath Academy students will be cooking for local homeless charity Julian House in the run up to the Big Bath Sleep Out taking place this Friday, 4 March at Alice Park.

Originally an idea from College Chef Oliver White in 2020, the ‘cooking for charity’ project had to be put on hold because of the pandemic, but was resurrected this year as both boarding and day students showed a keen interest in learning how to cook. As part of the college’s Enrichment Programme, students can volunteer to help prepare and cook two different dishes for the homeless, giving them vital life skills of food preparation and cooking, as well as contributing to the wider society and community spirit of Bath.

“It’s something I always wanted to do with the students, not only to help them attain important life skills for their future as a student at university or as a working adult, but also to give them a different perspective for those struggling in day-to-day life and teaching them about social responsibility. Creating warm, nourishing meals for those in need is a great way for students to do both, it’s a win-win,” says Oliver.

The college is also raising funds and awareness for the Big Bath Sleep Out, also cancelled in previous years because of the pandemic. This year those who want to participate are invited to ‘swap beds for sleeping bags’ and have an option of sleeping out ‘at home’ or joining others at Alice Park.

Please support the students’ cooking efforts and the homeless, help spread awareness, and consider donating to the college’s JustGiving Page.

Image credit: Chef Olly with a student