Positive Stories and Heart-warming Tales

Victoria Walters, creative producer at Bath Festivals, has picked some of the wonderful books featured at Bath Children’s Literature Festival this month. After all, what could be better on a cosy autumn afternoon than curling up with a book?

Bunnies in a Boat by Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Ben Mantle
Little ones can set sail for a wild bunny-tastic adventure with the impressively tall and beardy Philip Ardagh. He’ll be talking about his pesky bunnies’ latest adventure – and this time the naughty bunnies have commandeered a boat! Hold on to your tails as they whoosh past the sailboats, and zoooom across the sand, then it’s up onto the jetty where the silly bunnies get covered in spaghetti! A hilarious romp of a book, with fantastic read-aloud rhyming text and joyful illustrations. Walker Books, ages 3+, £6.99

Be Climate Clever by Amy and Ella Meek
Young eco-warriors can discover everything they need to know about climate change with teenage activist sisters, Amy and Ella Meek. The founders of Kids Against Plastic, Amy and Ella’s inspiring environment book for kids is packed with facts about the climate crisis, practical tips for personal change and what we can do to encourage others in positions of power, all delivered with a hopeful message. This brilliant book is an empowering read and the perfect solution for parents seeking a simple way to explain topical environmental issues to their child. Dorling Kindersley, ages 7+, £6.99

The Secret Sunshine Project by Benjamin Dean
Benjamin Dean will be in Bath to introduce his heart-warming new book, The Secret Sunshine Project. Following the death of their father, Bea and Riley have moved to their grandma’s small village. This means that they will miss London Pride. Desperate to cheer up her big sister, Bea decides to organise a Pride event of their very own in the village. Uplifting, inclusive and sweet, this is a perfect book for readers aged nine and up. Simon & Schuster,
ages 9+, £7.99

The Amazing Edie Eckhart by Rosie Jones
Another great read for this age group sees the ground-breaking stand-up comedian Rosie Jones introducing her sparky new character, Edie. This 11-year-old girl is brilliant, funny, ambitious – and, like the author herself, happens to have cerebral palsy. Hear all about Edie’s experiences starting secondary school and auditioning for the lead role in the school play. Rosie says that when she was growing up there were no books featuring disabled people as the main character – so she’s created precisely the kind of heroine she wanted to read about. Cool, kind and funny, readers will fall in love with Edie. Hachette, ages 9+, £5.99

A Better Day by Alex George
Life can be full of ups and downs, but did you know that there are ways you can stay on top of your mental health? Dr Alex George is here to show us how to look after our minds in the same way we look after our bodies. He’ll be talking to CBBC presenter Lauren Layfield about positive ways to cope with all the things that might worry us – from friendship issues and school stress to stories in the news. His fantastic new handbook provides warm advice and practical tips to help sweep away the rain clouds. Even if you might be having a hard time right now, you can look toward to your future with optimism and positivity. Because no matter what, there is always hope for a better day. Hachette, age 10+, £9.99

Talent to Triumph by Amy Williams
Talented athletes don’t always go on to fulfil their true potential. You might not have found the right sport, have faced setbacks, had bad luck or a lack of facilities. You might not have the knowledge to optimise your performance, look after your wellbeing or take a long-term approach to your development. This book is the answer! Bath-based Olympian, Amy Williams MBE guides you through your sporting journey, using her own experiences and those of some of Britain’s greatest elite performers to help you turn your talent into your triumph. An inspiring read for young athletes! Sequoia Books, ages 12+, £15.99

The Bath Children’s Literature Festival is on from 23 September – 2 October; bathfestivals.org.uk/childrens-literature