Oldfield School

Kelston Road, Bath, BA1 9AB.
Tel: 01225 423582, web: oldfieldschool.com, email: enquiries@oldfieldschool.com

Name of Headteacher: Mr Andy Greenhough

Age of pupils: 11 – 18 years boys and girls

Number of pupils: 1,270

The curriculum: Oldfield has a broad and balanced curriculum delivered through eight learning areas. In Years 7 to 9 the curriculum broadly follows the National Curriculum. Over 25 subjects are offered at A Level and students usually study 10 subjects at GCSE.

Extra-curricular activities: The school believes a vibrant and wide-ranging extra-curricular and enrichment programme is an essential part of personal development. Participation is encouraged from all students. Extra-curricular activities include the debating society, language clubs, drama, and music clubs. Sports clubs include netball, football, boys’ and girls’ rugby, athletics, dance, cross-country, badminton, basketball, tennis, and cricket. Residential and day trips are seen as an important part of the students’ educational lives, with trips offered to Barcelona, Paris, Moscow, Belgium, Dorset, and a week-long activities week, with all students participating in a wide variety of activities in this country and abroad.

Pastoral care: Seeing students as individual learners and promoting a fully rounded education is at the heart of what the school aims to achieve. Staff work in partnership with students and parents to raise students’ expectations and standards of achievement in a caring, secure and supportive environment. Each student is supported by a tutor who monitors their group attendance, celebrates their achievements and raises any concerns. There is a Year 7 evening in September for parents to meet the tutors and staff. Tutors remain with their tutor groups throughout a student’s time at Oldfield, enabling them to support them through their school life.

Outstanding characteristics: An exceptional education in an environment that challenges all students and fosters ambition. Students have respect for themselves, each other and their school and are well-prepared to face the world as compassionate, confident and resilient young people. The behaviour and conduct of students is excellent. Good work and behaviour is recognised and rewarded. The principles underlying this policy are based on respect – for self, for others and for the environment.