Monkton Combe School

Prep School: Combe Down, Bath, BA2 7ET
Tel: 01225 831 200
Senior School: Monkton Combe, Bath, BA2 7HG
Tel: 01225 721 102

Name of head: Senior School – Chris Wheeler, Prep School – Catherine Winchcombe

Age of pupils: 2 – 18

Fee structure (per term)

Prep School: Kindergarten: £4,162; Reception: £4,165; Years 1 and 2: £4,285; Years 3-8: (Boarding) £9,760 – £10,550; (Weekly/flexi boarding) £9,340-£9,580; (Day) £5,025 – £7,320.
Senior School: (Full boarding) £13,875 – £14,245 per term; (Weekly/flexi boarding) £12,590-£12,930; (Day) £8,500- £8,930

Faith: Christian

The curriculum: Monkton Combe School wants all its pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds. The aim is to excite pupils in their learning environments by providing a broad and balanced curriculum to foster every pupil’s educational development. Lessons are lively and enjoyable as well as rigorous and demanding. Ongoing self-reflection and teacher guidance ensure that pupils see progress in areas where they excel as well as in areas that they find more challenging. Outstanding exam results demonstrate the academic ambition which is inspired by Monkton’s teachers.

Extra curricular activities: Monkton isn’t just an all-round school, it is a school committed to all-rounders. Unlike many schools where 10% of children lead on 90% of activities, the school actively seeks and selects those who want to play a game of hockey, then sing with the ‘Choir Who Can’t Sing’, then head off to a play rehearsal before conservation club or fencing. Whatever the choice, the co-curricular activities encourage commitment, inspire curiosity and engender collaboration, skills that will serve students for life. Monkton sees these skills as an extension to the learning which pupils do in their academic pursuits, and encourages them to reflect on how each enriches the other.

Pastoral care: Monkton is a small school which allows it to develop excellent relationships and really get to know pupils. There is a strong sense of family and commitment to a vibrant boarding ethos which helps students to feel unconditionally valued. Monkton is a co-educational school, accepting the contention of single-sex schools that boys and girls learn differently, but in place of keeping that separate, they celebrate the opportunity for them to learn from each other. Boarding is the heart of Monkton, creating a unique atmosphere and thriving social scene that brings day pupils and boarders together, both during the week and at the weekends. All pupils are part of a Monkton boarding house which becomes part of the Monkton family. Every Saturday a full programme of trips, sporting and social activities follow morning lessons at both the Prep and Senior Schools. Many day pupils choose to spend all weekend at Monkton and the school offers flexible boarding arrangements to support them.

Outstanding characteristics: What is different about Monkton? Aside from the stunning views, outstanding academic exam results and passionate teachers which many schools boast, Monkton focuses on the journey of each individual in a way that is tangibly different. As pioneers in pastoral tracking, Monkton holds true to the belief that self-discovery is the key to success; not only do happy children learn but they also explore their strengths and weaknesses, develop resilience and face challenges with greater strength. The school believes in the power of failure of taking on challenges, accepting this will mean you get some things wrong and become better people because of that. No writing, no booklet, no website will ever capture something so hard to describe; you have to come and meet them yourselves.