Kutchenhaus Bath

Kutchenhaus Bath are part of the Kutchenhaus German Kitchen family. Located on Saracens Street in the heart of Bath Kutchenhaus supply, design and fit German kitchens which with it bring innovation and the latest technology. Whether you are looking for a modern kitchen or a traditional kitchen, the friendly team at Kutchenhaus Bath has over 60 years of combined experience, so can guarantee a professional and five-star service. All Kutchenhaus kitchens are manufactured and put together in Verle, Germany and get shipped directly to customers fully assembled which means no flat-pack! The kitchens are also manufactured by intelligent machines which completely eliminates the risk of human error – guaranteeing your kitchen will be right first time! The team in Bath also design spaces for bathrooms, bedroom and living areas too. So whatever your query may be, pop into the showroom today and get your dream project plans into motion.

5 Saracen Street, Bath BA1 5BR
Tel: 01225 634025 Web: uk.kutchenhaus.com