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Heidi Reiki

Creating calm, joy and balance for you and where you live. Do you have a sense of joy in your home? Or is there a sense of unease? Maybe life challenges have disturbed the harmony. Stress, relationship breakdowns and illness are some life experiences that can cause imbalance in you and your living space. Around the world, in many cultures, our homes and living spaces are often thought to have a deep connection with our bodies, and reflect what is going on for us both emotionally and physically. Reiki is the process of guiding energy into your life, giving joy to you and your home and brings an increasing knowledge of the integrity of mind, spirit and environment. and your living spaces could benefit from Reiki and space clearing. With more than 15 years experience and continually learning new ways to work with Reiki, Heidi looks forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Email: heidi@heidireiki.com
Web: heidireiki.com
Tel: 07776 255875