Heidi Reiki Feng Shui And Reiki for your home

“My family’s experience of Heidi’s professionalism and expertise and knowledge is beyond compare. Combined with her kind and caring personality, it made the whole process of Feng Shui, reiki and space clearing for our home a very positive experience, I only wish we did it sooner!” – Melissa. Heidi offers bespoke packages for your home. Each living space is unique. Using her expertise in Reiki, Feng Shui and The ThetaHealing® Technique Heidi transforms your home and office to a calm, tranquil and harmonious place to live and work. Contact Heidi Lerner Rearden for more details about her work.

To find out more, contact Heidi Lerner Rearden: heidi@heidireiki.com; Tel: 07776 255875; Web: heidireiki.com