Edgar Buildings Dental and Implant clinic: Extracting teeth – how to avoid the wait

If you need teeth removing (including wisdom teeth) the average waiting time to see an NHS dentist can be lengthy. For some people the whole process (including treatment) could take up to a year, and if you’re on a waiting list – even longer. Oral surgery specialist, Dr Lilana Ruzzene talks about how ‘going private’ can speed up this process.

Dr Liliana Ruzzene trained as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in South Africa and was appointed as a consultant in 1991. She is also on the oral surgery specialist list with the UK’s General Dental Council (GDC). She explains:

“The removal of teeth, especially wisdom teeth, is probably the most common dental procedure I deal with. It should always be a stress-free experience and relieve worry about any future problems these teeth can cause. By having teeth removed privately, you can avoid the long waiting times for consultation and treatment you’d receive with the NHS. If you can access private care, extractions will always be carried out by a specialist surgeon (unlike some NHS treatments) – and at a time and place that suits you.

Wisdom teeth in particular can cause a number of problems including pain, swelling and a bad taste in your mouth. If they get infected they can cause serious facial infections, and they can lead to decay of neighbouring healthy teeth which may need treatment. They can also worsen the crowding of other teeth.

I am able to carry out an assessment to decide whether any teeth need to be removed. This will include a thorough clinical examination, and if you have not already had one, possibly a a CBCT scan. I will clearly explain the risks and benefits of treatment with you. You can then decide whether teeth are removed under local anaesthesia (when you’re still awake) or with an intravenous (IV) sedation (involving a sedative injection).”

Dr Lilana Ruzzene, Specialist Oral Surgeon Treatments and tests offered by Dr Liliana Ruzzene at Edgar Buildings Dental and Implant Clinic include dental implants, wisdom teeth and other teeth extractions, dental pathology, cyst removal, CBCT scanning and any other oral surgery. If you’re having any teeth extracted, to then be restored with dental implants, you should always see a removal specialist, such a specialist oral surgeon.

Common questions we get asked…

How do I know my surgeon is experienced and qualified?
All qualified surgeons should appear on the General Dental Council specialist list and will be able to discuss their training and experience with you.

How soon can I be seen?
Dr Liliana Ruzzene can usually see patients for consultation within a week of a referral being made. If it’s an urgent request, an appointment can be made sooner (subject to availability).

How much will treatment cost?
The cost will vary depending on your needs and complexity of your treatment. Any costs will be clearly explained to you at your initial consultation and a written quotation provided.

Do you provide aftercare following treatment?
Don’t worry, we will take good care of you after any treatment. You will be given an emergency contact number to ensure that you feel supported up by our team, even out-of-hours.

To arrange an initial consultation with Dr Liliana Ruzzene at Edgar Buildings, Bath please call 01225 466086 or visit our website smileofconfidence.com
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