Bath-based community sports team gets overseas invitation

Bath-based sports team, Life in the Old Dogs, have been invited to play tag rugby in Dublin by the Irish National over 50s Tag Team.

Old Dogs organise team sports exclusively for the over 50s of Bath. David James, who runs the community project, was recently contacted by the Irish National team, when the latter learned that there was an over 50s team playing in England.

Tag Rugby groups in England for those in their 50s are, David recently learned, fairly unusual. After reaching out to the Try Tag Rugby Association in England, David discovered that the Old Dogs of Bath are the only exclusively over 50s team playing in England.

Before the Old Dogs make their way to the Green Isle, Irish coach Simon Bewley will travel to England to hold a coaching session for the Bath-based players.

If you’s like to meet Simon and the Bath Old Dog players, the team invites you to join them at t Beechen Cliff School, Kipling Avenue, Bath this Tuesday evening (6.30pm).

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