At The Core: supporting positive movement and pain relief at all stages of life

Supporting positive movement and pain relief at all stages of life.

The Bath physiotherapy and wellness clinic helping you maintain strength and movement for an active life

At The Core was born from the ambition to keep its patients moving well and pain free at every stage of life. Whether you have sustained an injury, have an arthritic condition, are suffering from chronic inflammation or your body is going through a natural change, the clinic have a range of solutions to support you.

This month At The Core are shining the light on menopause, the natural transition when oestrogen and progesterone levels fall when they are no longer needed to support reproduction. These hormonal changes can impact the body both physically and mentally resulting in reduced bone density, changes in posture, pelvic muscle tone and weight gain.

“Having Rheumatoid Arthritis, and being a keen cyclist, means life can be pretty challenging. Adey does a fantastic job of keeping me flexible and strong and I feel far more mentally, as well as physically prepared for the challenges I face.” – JL, Bath

Premature menopause can be a symptom of an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, which in itself can be painful and cause pain, stiffness and inflammation. At The Core is perfectly placed to help.

Therapeutic physiotherapy exercises can help to strengthen muscles and maintain bone density, as well as support balance and flexibility thereby reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can elevate mood and boost overall health. Practicing relaxation and breathwork techniques can also help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic with a range of solutions:

Physiotherapy & Exercise 
For movement issues, posture and pelvis related conditions and to help maintain bone density during midlife.

Nutrition therapy
To help maintain dietary goals and support life-stage conditions through positive eating habits.

Soft Tissue Therapy
Breathwork, massage, dry needling and myofascial release for pain relief and to help combat stress.

MBST® therapy 
Shown to have positive osteogenic effects through stimulating tissue healing and after fractures and breaks.

How At The Core can help:

  • Physiotherapy for improved balance & strength 
  • Exercise to help maintain bone density
  • Soft tissue therapy and myofascial release for pain relief
  • Breath work for stress and anxiety
  • Solutions for back and disc problems for posture
  • Rehabilitation from injury associated with osteoporosis

If you are interested in finding out more about the clinic’s range of therapies or innovative MBST ® therapy for pain relief and tissue repair, please get in touch with Julia for a chat and arrange an assessment with one of At The Core’s specialists. 

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“I started having debilitating pain in my feet as I entered peri-menopause in my late 40s. Inflammation and pain in my toe joints was diagnosed as osteoarthritis and I was told I would need toe fusion surgery. I am a walker and have dogs so my daily step range is around 16,000 steps and the pain has caused me considerable discomfort for the last couple of years. A friend recommended At The Core. The team were really welcoming and knowledgeable and after an initial physiotherapy assessment, Adey recommended MBST® therapy as part of my treatment programme. It has significantly reduced the inflammation in my feet and I’ve seen considerable improvement in arthritic pain especially. The professionalism of the team put me at ease, Julia has made me feel really listened to. She continues to discuss ways in which some of my menopausal issues could alleviated. I thoroughly recommend the joined-up treatment and the whole team.” – Susie, Wiltshire