At The Core: Exercise not drugs prescribed for osteoarthritis

At The Core specialises in the treatment and management of arthritic conditions.

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence recently published draft guidelines for healthcare professionals on assessment and management of osteoarthritis. In short, they advise that exercise is the best medicine.

More than 10 million people in the UK suffer from an arthritic condition and osteoarthritis is the most common, affecting around 8.5 million. Most patients are prescribed painkillers and the cost of treatment and care by our healthcare system is set to reach £118bn across the next decade.

While it’s not possible to prevent osteoarthritis altogether, the risk of developing the condition and hindering long-term effects such as surgery can be achieved through positive lifestyle choices. Versus Arthritis, working closely with BBC, identified a healthcare system designed to make prescribing medication the easiest form of early-stage treatment, but that those with chronic pain need more than just medication to manage it.

At The Core was established with this in mind. The clinic offers a range of specialist treatments and therapies to help those suffering from osteoarthritis. From nutrition and exercise advice to soft tissue and physiotherapy. The range of services are designed to help patients eliminate pain and reduce inflammation enough to get back to regular exercise, and help keep osteoarthritis in check.

MBST™ therapy for Osteoarthritis

If your chronic pain is debilitating and inflammation is inhibiting your mobility, the clinic offers MBST™ therapy as part of a bespoke physiotherapy treatment programme. A non-invasive, pain-free and safe therapy It has helped several patients get back to regular exercise.

One of only 13 clinics in the UK offering MBST™ therapy as part of their physiotherapy practice, MBST™ magnetic resonance therapy has been shown to delay the progression of osteoarthritis and in some cases eliminate the need for surgery. Consultant knee surgeon Johnathon Webb, MB ChB, FRCS (Orth), who has his own successful MBST™ clinic in London, recently commented:

“I’m delighted to see this technology available in Bath. MBST™ has already been shown to produce significant improvements in pain and activity in patients treated in centres throughout Europe. Used in conjunction with a rehabilitation programme it can get patients back to sport when surgery or medication has little to offer.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our range of therapies or innovative MBST™ therapy for osteoarthritis, please get in touch with Julia for a chat and arrange an assessment with one of our specialists.

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“Adey is so pleased with my progress, as am I, and he has suggested that I continue with the exercises, which I know are beneficial. When I think back to when I started the treatment, I was coming downstairs backwards and walking bent forward with a bent knee and in a lot of pain. The pain is now hugely reduced so all is good. Thank you for your generosity and support throughout the treatment.” CH, Bath, severe knee osteoarthritis

How exercise helps manage arthritic pain

Synovial fluid, the thick liquid that lubricates joints, depletes if joint movement is not maintained. Over time, without enough lubricating fluid, our cartilage can wear away causing bones in the joints to rub together. This can be very painful and impede any aspiration to keep moving, leaving us in a vicious circle! To help reduce arthritic pain longer term, there are simple, daily exercises that help strengthen muscles around joints, designed to get joints moving. Additionally, exercise can help people maintain a healthy weight, which is also important for managing osteoarthritis.