At The Core: arthritic pain getting in the way of doing what you love?

Relieve pain and lead an active life with MBST® therapy 

MBST® therapy is a pioneering, pain-free treatment that helps eliminate the pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. While the right kind of inflammation is helpful to our bodies, the wrong kind of inflammation can lead to chronic pain and disease. Chronic inflammation occurs when the body continues to send inflammatory cells to tissues outside of the normal inflammatory response and cells attack joint tissues often leading to severe joint damage, pain and deformity. This is where MBST® therapy has been successful in helping our patients.Germany technology developed 20 years ago, MBST® therapy has helped over 270,000 people find relief from pain. It stimulates internal tissue healing, reduces inflammation and provides pain relief for a wide range of injuries and conditions. In several cases it has even eliminated the need for joint replacement surgery, according to Bristol based orthopaedic knee surgeon, Johnathan Webb.

Real results from real people
“My husband and I both had MBST® treatment for osteoarthritis, Steve for his hips, me for hand and knee pain. I felt huge improvement after a couple of sessions, pain was hugely reduced and I had much better mobility. Five months post treatment and I am thrilled that I no longer need to take painkillers. We are delighted to have just returned from a walking holiday, where we enjoyed walking 8 miles a day. This would not have happened before MBST® therapy!” – SP & KP, Bath

Inflammation Clinic with a range of solutions
At The Core delivers a range of solutions for dealing with chronic inflammation. MBST® therapy to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate healing, physiotherapy to improve mobility and build strength, and nutritional advice to help patients enjoy an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 

If you are interested in finding out more about MBST ® therapy and how it can reduce inflammation and relieve pain, give Clinic Manager Julia a call. At the same time, you can register your interest in our forthcoming open event. 

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Free event: how to fight inflammation with diet
Wednesday 4 May

While the right kind of inflammation is helpful to our bodies, as part of our natural healing process, the wrong kind of inflammation can ignite a long list of disorders such as arthritis, asthma and diabetes. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is a great way to prevent and reduce chronic inflammation, a key contributor to a variety of health problems. 

At The Core physiotherapy and wellness clinics support patients with musculoskeletal conditions and mobility issues associated with inflammation and we have a number of solutions to help patients find pain relief and get back to doing the things they love.

Nutrition advice – an anti-inflammatory diet can prevent many conditions that become worse with chronic inflammation

MBST® therapy – pioneering technology used in physiotherapy practice that successfully reduces inflammation and pain

Physiotherapy – to support recovery by building strength and resilience to improve mobility

Join the At The Core team on Wednesday 4 May where nutrition expert Chris Quint will be explaining how eating an anti-inflammatory diet can benefit our health and wellbeing.

There will also be the chance to hear from our team of medical professionals, about how the range of therapies At The Core support patients in leading an active life for longer.

The talk series will be delivered at 2.30, 5.30 and 7.30 and there will be a chance to ask questions, meet the team and sample nutritious snacks prepared by Chris.

Click here to book your tickets to this free event.