Are you at risk of professional burnout?

By Viv Kenchington, hypnotherapist

Viv Kenchington

We have all felt the stress of balancing work-home life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the workload, and therefore our time for self-care is limited. Usually this feeling of overwhelm passes as you accomplish a certain task that was giving you particular grief, but what if it doesn’t pass? You could be suffering from burnout.

Professional Burnout, also known as Occupational Burnout, is a unique form of stress related specifically to work. It often presents itself as a state of total emotional and/or physical exhaustion, with tertiary symptoms such as reduced workflow, goal attainment, and motivation. While it isn’t classed as a medical condition, there could be related conditions that act as contributory factors, such as depression or anxiety.

Am I at risk?

• Do you feel constantly tired, lacking the energy required to be productive consistently?
• Do you feel disconnected from your job?
• Are you relying on vices to relieve stress/feel happy, such as food, drugs or alcohol?
• Have you noticed a change in your sleeping schedule?
• Do you have trouble focusing? Or lack concentration?
• Do you suffer from unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach pains, or nausea?
• Do you struggle to bring yourself to work?

If you answered ‘yes’ to multiple questions, you may be suffering from professional burnout. Do consult your doctor as these could also be symptoms of other health issues, such as depression.

What increases my risk?

• Lack of communication and support – often difficult when you’re in a position of seniority as there may not be anyone to supervise and support you, and you also have your employees relying on you.
• Excessive workload – it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed if you have a workload that feels unmanageable and this can turn into a feeling of hopelessness and burnout.
• Time constraints – if experienced in conjunction with excessive workload, or even on its own, tight schedules and ‘crunches’ can have an effect.
• Work-life imbalance – if you don’t have time to unwind and practice self-care.

How can I overcome burnout?
• Seek support – contact the HR department of your company to discuss the issues and voice your concerns.
• Take up a relaxing activity – practise mindfulness orientated activities such as meditation or yoga to help you destress.
• Maintain a good sleep pattern – follow a set schedule to make sure you’re getting good quality sleep. This will also help regulate your energy levels.
• Exercise – is proven to relieve stress and releases endorphins.
• Hypnotherapy – can help you break habits and address the root causes of your burnout. It can help you to set new routines, and reset your mindset.
Take some time to evaluate yourself every now and see if you’re at risk of burnout. It’s easier to prevent, than it is to fix it. If you think you might already be suffering, send me an email or give me a call for a chat.