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ZUMBA Fitness Bath

Zumba is a varied dance-based exercise class which uses a wide range of dance styles from all around the world. It is incredibly popular, great fun and improves fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and even memory.

Best of all, it is not a strict dance class, so it is genuinely accessible to all – no need to worry about perfect moves. It is a total workout that combines all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility – and guarantees a big smile on your face each time you leave class.

Sessions include plenty of energetic, simply choreographed routines set to varied and engaging dance music. From Brownies to students to hens to WIs, participants all say they love the feel-good workout that Zumba provides.

You might like to try a group class, organise a party, hen-do, fund-raiser, regular private class or a trial session.

Whatever your fitness and experience level, there will be a session to suit.