Treat yourself to a day out of the ordinary and give yourself or a loved one the gift of a day in the woods.

we do it in the woods offers art, craft and other creative workshops for grown ups in the beautiful, ancient woodland setting of Pipley Wood, Lansdown, Bath.

Tara Kelsall, founder of we do it in the woods, says “the idea behind holding workshops outdoors is to connect people, woodlands and creativity.”

Tara was the assistant head and a class teacher at Swainswick Primary School for over ten years and is currently working with Swainswick Explorers and The Learning Collective TLC. Tara’s idea of work life balance is to work with children in the week and grown ups on the weekend. And as long as she’s outside she’s happy, whatever the weather.

“As an experienced educator, play leader, creative facilitator and outdoor worker, I’m passionate about living, working and playing outdoors. More and more our modern lives demand that we are in front of screens day and night. Holding creative workshops outside in a beautiful natural woodland setting allows people all the enjoyment and enrichment of the creative experience and also the deep nourishment and pleasure that comes from simply ‘being’ and ‘doing’ outdoors.”

“Spending time in woodland regulates human emotions and the heart, helping to restore a healthy balance,” says David Sheffield, Professor of health psychology at the University of Derby. Kirsten McEwan, research associate at the University of Cardiff, who helped with the study, added: “There is a lot of research evidence to show that spending time in green spaces is beneficial to our health and well-being.”

The Japanese and South Koreans have long had a special name for immersing oneself in nature – Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing. A multitude of recent studies show that just a 15 minute walk in the woods can reduce blood pressure, lower your heart rate and even decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

So come to Pipley Woods, experience some ‘woodland bathing’ and release your creativity. Workshop days are currently held on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 4pm and cost £60 per person. The days are hosted and facilitated by Tara and begin with a walk in the woods, to relax and inspire before beginning the creative session, anything from ceramics, mosaics, jewellery to nature writing, poetry and drawing.

The creative workshops are led by handpicked, creative people and talented artists, many of whom practise, teach and exhibit locally.

A spacious marquee is used as the base, which is handy in the rain because, let’s be honest, it can sometimes rain in the English summer. Importantly the team has access to toilets in the bunkhouse barn next door. Delicious food, homemade cakes and cookies, along with teas and coffees are supplied throughout the day.

For detailed workshop information and artist descriptions please visit the website and follow on Facebooktwitter and instagram.

For booking information please email:

For more information about the next we do it in the woods event, visit our What’s On page.

All welcome, 16+, no experience necessary.

Pipley Wood is held in trust by The Sir Alexander Lawrence Woodland Trust for the preservation and improvement of the wood for the benefit of the public, and is managed by the Pipley Wood Committee with the help of local volunteers and friends. They are always keen to welcome people to the working parties, held approximately every two months. Check for more information and dates here.