Here’s an idea: ethical health and beauty products with all profits used to care for others. A new range of luxury skin and welbeing products – Ubiety – does just that, with quality, efficacy, integrity and giving back at their core

Ubiety – meaning being grounded in the moment – is the name of a new range of skincare and wellbeing products. It’s a range with a difference, one that aims to make a real difference to those who use it. Each product – a body salve, hand wash, hand lotion, facial mist, lip balm and scented candle – promotes wellbeing and mindfulness through calming and empowering formulations inspired by wild woodlands and their energy.

This is real, grounded stuff, in tune with the brand’s name. The range grew from charity Dorothy House Hospice Care’s focus on holistic wellbeing and the work of its complementary therapies team. It has been a collaborative project at every stage. Each of the founders who developed the products gave their time and costs for free. The collaborations are open, giving, recognising the value of the free, palliative and end-of-life care services offered by Dorothy House. It is one of the few product ranges on the market where all proceeds go directly to the cause it supports, end-of-life care. It’s also a fully sustainable product using vegan and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Lisa Smith, complementary therapy lead at Dorothy House

Meet Lisa Smith, complementary therapy lead and aromatherapist at Dorothy House. “By the time people use our services they have come through quite a bit. Most people choose therapy and we can offer each person something that is completely focused on them.” Lisa tells me that her team at Dorothy House is able to develop supportive, nurturing, life-affirming products to suit the needs of specific individuals. This inspiring work and its effectiveness in the hospice led to the idea of the Ubiety brand of giving-back products.

We are embracing what nature already has available to us. And being sensitive to those materials, because they carry the therapeutic value

These are not just quick cosmetic fixes; they have depth, relevance, and the ability to lift your mood. Enter Ubiety’s frankincense and lavender calming body salve, carefully formulated for use as part of ‘M-technique,’ a relaxing hand massage, which brings relief and relaxation to anxious and tense patients. Add to this lemongrass and cedarwood soothing hand lotion and clementine and spearmint uplifting hand wash and you have a group of products that are applied by touch – from carer to patient or as an uplifting experience in your daily care regime – providing a precious moment of peace and connection. There’s also a candle scented with cedarwood, sage and ylang yang, developed by Cathy Biggs of Limelight Bath, and a cooling facial mist with birch water and neroli.

Cathy Biggs of Limelight Bath

Lisa and her team worked with Richard Howard of Arcania Apothecary, a cosmetic and perfume manufacturer based in Wells, to develop the Ubiety range and Richard, whose own mother was supported in an end-of-life care hospice, has gifted Arcania’s expertise and resources in its development.

Lisa tells me that alongside the Ubiety range, Richard is working closely with the team at Dorothy House to supply them with products that support specific patient needs, such as an oil-free lipbalm for oxygen users and massage oils that can be used by therapists without aromatherapy qualifications.

Richard Howard of Arcania Apothecary

Richard’s business is also grounded in the moment. With over 20 years of experience in cosmetic science and perfume innovation, Arcania Apothecary Ltd produces botanically based face, body and hair products. It manufactures for high-end brands such as Cowshed and has an ethical approach to skincare, working with partners who have a story to tell and who believe in the longevity of their brand, with a passion for their product and respect for their customers.

“It’s easy to create a brand that’s authentic when the [Dorothy House] heritage is so authentic,” says Richard. “Pure essential oils work emotionally as well as physically and the reason for being behind this brand is to make life for people at this special time comforting, and explore contentment. We are embracing what nature already has available to us. And being sensitive to those materials, because they carry the therapeutic value.”

So how were the Ubiety products developed? “Dorothy House chose a team to sit with me, so there were people from the therapies team, business development and marketing, so we all come together in order to represent the thing that’s already there. Truth and integrity is a big ingredient here, and it always is.” The process starts with the creation of the brand signature, and in the case of Ubiety this was a woody essence, one that evolved through the team’s conversation – frankincense, spikenard and benzoin.

“That’s the joy of working with these oils,” says Richard. “We can create different emotions, different feelings, but underneath there is always a common thread.” Everything is done with a meticulously light touch: “We are dealing with water, with naturals that require sensitivity and care. We have to be really careful with our materials for the product to have that end efficacy.”

One of the products that has been used is birch water: “Birch water has all the molecules that come together within the sap that protects the tree from fungus, virus and bacterial infection. It’s a product that we can drink, that we can bathe in, and a material that can be collected without damaging the environment, or the tree – it has integrity and it became one of those foundation elements.”

The Ubiety development journey has gone full circle, finished with the luxe but grounded packaging designed by Supple Studio. As Richard says, “By bringing this brand to the market place we are doing something good. There is something behind it that’s worthwhile.”

The Ubiety range launches on 7 February; Twitter: @findubiety;;