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Top tips for preparing for the Bath Half Marathon

The countdown to the Bath Half Marathon has begun. You’ve got your training done, your sponsorship sheets are complete and now you’re just preparing for the big day on Sunday 12 March.

Here are some last minute top tips to make the day go as smooth as possible…

Sleep well

A lot of people feel quite anxious the night before a big race, but it is important to get as much rest as possible. Enjoy a warm bath or shower, get into bed early with a good book or magazine and really unwind before bedtime. Not having enough sleep can impact on your running performance, so try and really unwind before race morning.

Take a look at the route

The night before the race take a look at the route of the race and familiarise yourself with the course ahead.

No full Englishes

Eating breakfast is important on the morning of the race to boost your energy for the day, but don’t go thinking a full English will keep you going – those extra sausages will make you feel bloated and sluggish. Have something light after you wake up, such as porridge or a small bowl of fruit or cereal. And don’t forget about those important fluids.

Safety pins

Make sure you pin your participant number on your running shirt before you leave the house just so you aren’t messing around with pins while you’re walking to the start line. Use four safety pins to attach your number, just to be secure.

Take a jumper

The Bath Half Marathon can begin in rather cool conditions in the morning of the race, it being March and all. So take an old jumper with you to wear to the event. You can take the jumper off and leave it behind to be pick it up after you’ve completed the race, or if you don’t mind leaving it then charity representatives will be along the start lines to receive clothing donations.

Remember your vaseline

Sales of vaseline must soar in the days running up to marathons across the country. By now you’ll have figured out where potential chafing areas are from your training, so just make sure you stock up and use your vaseline on the morning of the race.

Use the toilets

Make sure you go to the toilet before you reach the start line. It sounds really simply, but even if you don’t think you need it, psychologically it can be good just so its not on your mind when you’re taking your starting position.

Wear your old running gear

Despite it being the big day, this isn’t a good time to try out those new sparkly trainers or that new running top – don’t risk wearing something that is too tight or something your body hasn’t been used to. Wear your normal running clothes for the most comfortable run possible.

Don’t wear headphones

Although it is really easy to get into the zone with your specially picked running playlist, nothing beats hearing the cheers from the crowds encouraging you on along the race. Plus, this year, the battle of the bands will be taking place once again – lots of local bands and musicians will be lining the route to entertain and keep runners going. So soak up the atmosphere and listen out as the crowds shout your name.

Get your name printed on your t-shirt

In order for the crowds to cheer you on, you’ll need to get your name printed on your t-shirt. It adds a personal touch and the crowds love it.

Good luck to all the runners!

Visit: bathhalf.co.uk

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