After closing in 2012, the 400-year-old pub The Packhorse in South Stoke on the outskirts of Bath has re-opened its doors to the public.

Following the news of its closure, locals got together and managed to stop the plans to convert the pub into a private residence after demonstrating that it was a necessary asset for the community and that they could raise the funds to make it a viable, long term business.

Eventually £1.25m was raised to buy and completely refurbish the pub, which may be the largest sum in the UK raised for a community buy-back. The people involved in the project are ensuring that the money won’t be wasted and they’ve put plans in place so the pub is run professionally and for a profit.

On the day of the opening on 18 March a ribbon cutting ceremony took place, and the recipients of the first drinks included an 88 year-old gentleman who was born in the pub and his wife. The couple held their wedding reception in the front room of the pub in 1951.