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The Brave Zone

The Gift of Time

Events cancelled? Forced to work from home? Why not use this time to sharpen your business strategies? The Coronavirus gives you the gift of thinking time, says Cynthia Wihardja…

I experienced the SARS epidemic 20 years ago, in the middle of political riots, and natural disasters while working in Asia. It taught me to focus on what I can influence, instead of worrying about things beyond my control. It taught me to work more efficiently. Having less hours to work made me more technologically savvy and productive. Staff reductions forced me to learn other tasks and become a generalist. As a result, I became a more resilient and creative business leader.

We can see the virus as a villain to our business or as the light bulb that shows us what we can innovate about the way we do business. This is a good time to diagnose our business and improve it. The impact of the virus is not light, but what can we learn from it?

Everyone is affected, but there are only a few who will come out of this better than before. There are only a few who will use this time wisely. The rest will just be complaining.

Here are some examples of people I am working with who are using this time wisely: a coach improving her marketing plan, a designer reshaping her service offering, a retailer increasing his online sales and negotiating better pricing from suppliers, an entrepreneur planning her post-retirement life, leaders using online platforms for meetings and learning. When business is good, you have no time to think.

When business is bad, you’ve suddenly got lots of time. The Coronavirus is giving you the gift of time. What will you do with it?

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