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The Big Give Christmas Challenge: one donation, twice the impact

The Forever Friends Appeal is delighted to be part in this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge which is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see their donation doubled when they make a gift to support the charity’s Speech and Language Therapy Appeal.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign. For seven days from 1 December donations of any size will be doubled, making twice the impact.

The Forever Friends Appeal aims to raise the much-needed funds for a portable machine which can provide rapid assessments for patients who have swallowing difficulties as a result of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and from COVID-19.

Rhyannon Boyd, Head of Fundraising, The Forever Friends Appeal said: “We are appealing to the public to help us raise £3,750 between 1st-8th December as we’ll see this amount doubled, taking us closer to the amount we need to purchase the machine.

“The portable swallowing assessment machine will be a game-changer for patients. Therefore, I hope people will get on-board and kindly make a donation.”

Claire Young, Speech and Language Therapist at the RUH said: “Being able to eat and drink without a second thought is something most of us take for granted, but sadly many people have problems swallowing. Having swallowing difficulties causes people to cough and choke when they eat and drink,
which can lead to chest infections, increased hospital admissions and lengthier stays in hospital.

“A swallowing assessment is really important in coronavirus care as well. When people have COVID19 their lung function is really poor and may have trouble coordinating their breathing and swallowing, which makes them very vulnerable.

“Currently the only option to assess patients is for them to have a special type of x-ray. However, this is not possible for patients in intensive care as they cannot leave that environment. But the machine we are fundraising for would enable a therapist to assess a patient’s swallowing at their bedside, without delay, so treatment can be recommended straight away.”

To take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge and make a donation to The Forever Friends Appeal’s Speech and Language Therapy fundraising campaign visit donate.thebiggive.org.uk during 1– 8 December.