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Supporting FareShare this winter

Over the weekend, 27 – 30 November, Finisterre raised just over £13,000 pounds in donations, which has resulted in 50 meals – one step closer to reaching FareShare’s goal of providing ONE MILLION meals to people in need this winter! 

As the UK gets ready for a Christmas unlike any other, many people are facing a difficult winter season. You might have heard of FareShare already, after they were praised by Marcus Rashford as part of his free school meals campaign. The charity stops food from going to waste by collecting hundreds of tonnes of great quality surplus produce before it even gets into the supermarkets. Their regional centres work closely with hundreds of local organisations to make sure food gets to where it’s most needed; taking care of logistics to redistribute that food into schools, foodbanks and local charities, as well as other Covid response initiatives. 

Their FoodStock 2020 campaign aims to get one million meals to people in need in the South West this winter, and Finisterre is proud to be supporting the project. Donations are monitored by the Fundraising Regulator and go directly to covering costs in getting food to people in need – from safe storage, van hire and fuel costs to food sourcing, logistics and food parcel boxes.

Read more about FareShare here and help them achieve their goal