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Elaine Curtin

Support and guidance

by Human Givens therapist Elaine Curtin

The lockdown, for some, brought households together, but others may have been confronted with partner and family difficulties, separation and loneliness.

Being connected to others is key to our sense of calm and wellbeing and from the Human Givens perspective, having our fundamental, innate needs met ensures that we thrive in our environment.

The past few months has mostly affected our sense of feeling in control, which may well have brought some deeper fears and worries to the surface. Throw in added work and life stress and we have a cocktail for some emotional and mental health problems. The good news is that Human Givens therapy is quick, kind and works uniquely with each person. We work with the story and outlook of the individual, couple or organisation in front of us. We work to help clients relax quickly, and offer guidance that can help effect positive change in their everyday lives. We listen, help resolve the matter in hand by explaining the science behind the emotional and mental health issues and then support the client move forwards.