As visitors to Bath are becoming increasingly in favour of using services like Airbnb to book their accommodation over hotels and B&Bs, it is easier than you think to make an income from short-letting your property.

With its UNESCO World Heritage status, thermae spa, Roman Baths and Georgian crescents, it’s not surprising that people from across the world flock to Bath every year. The city’s picturesque streets, historical cobbles, and variety of highly-acclaimed festivals, restaurants and museums mean that there is so much to explore – one day here is simply not enough to see it all in Bath.

And rather than staying in a typical hotel room, more and more visitors are turning to Airbnb for their accommodation, allowing them to live like Bathonians for a few days or weeks.

With help from Airbnb management service Pass the Keys, there is a lucrative short-let market just waiting for local property owners to tap into without lifting a finger – a three bedroom house in Bath can earn up to an impressive £6,200 a month. And owners could make a healthy profit from letting out their property with very little effort.

Pass the Keys gives property owners peace of mind by managing the whole process of letting your property out on Airbnb. The team can help you photograph, list and advertise your property online, handle the bookings and check-ins of guests, and make sure the property is cleaned professionally. Plus, the team offers 24/7 support for in-stay guests, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you have a property that you would like to rent out for a collective 10 weeks or more a year, you just tell Pass the Keys the available dates for rent and some basic property information, schedule a home visit and the team will organise the rest.

This service is ideal if you’re retired and go away on holidays often, or have another property or annex you would like to make some money on, but don’t want all the stress of sorting out the short-let yourself – Pass the Keys is for you.

Retired Bath couple John and Mary have seen the benefit of passing over the Airbnb management of their property to Pass the Keys. John says: “I have a three bedroom house in Oldfield Park, and my wife and I have been Airbnb hosts since July 2016. We both enjoy that but the guest communication, key exchange and cleaning takes us a lot of time. A few weeks ago I came across Pass the Keys, and have been using the service since August. Now I don’t need to worry about late guests anymore, and my wife and I are going to spend much more time travelling around the world.”

As well as this, short-lettings are also great for those who may work away on business for a few weeks at a time – you could rent out your home while you are away and earn some effortless extra income.

Pass the Keys is the UK’s leading Airbnb management company operating across the country. To find out more, visit: or call 0208 050 2818.