Stone King: managing child arrangements over Easter

The school holidays are just around the corner and whilst children and parents welcome the break of routine, these periods can be difficult to navigate for separated parents. However, there are some key pointers to remember to help make the holidays as easy and enjoyable as possible

Try not to ask the children to make the decision, whilst their voice is important, the children will not want to upset either of you and would prefer you to decide. They will want to spend time with you both and may well miss the other parent when they are with you, let them know that’s okay and ensure they can speak with the other parent at any time. Respect the other parent’s time with the children, it’s important that they have quality time with you both. Remember that this is also the children’s time to have a break, try wherever possible to factor in some time to relax. Above all, enjoy the holidays! | Rebecca Eels – Partner Family & Mediation Team 

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