Stone King: Busting the common law marriage myth

Many people believe that living together over a long period provides partners with the same legal rights as married couples. Sadly the idea of a ‘common law marriage’ is incorrect.

As an unmarried partner, you may invest years of your life in a relationship, only to find you have no entitlement to sharing in the assets which have been built up during that relationship if those assets are held in your partner’s name.

The law has yet to reflect the deep-rooted changes in UK society. Until such time as legislation protects cohabitees, partners should seek professional advice from experienced solicitors rather than rely on the myth of common law marriage. our solicitors are able to assist you in understanding your legal position and advising on issues such as cohabitation agreements property issues on relationship breakdown and arrangements in respect of any children.

Words by Caroline Fell
Partner, Family & Meditation Team

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