Stone King – Applying for a school place: Help when separated parents cannot agree

The new school term may have only just begun, however many parents will be thinking about where the children will be going to school in September 2024, particularly as openings for secondary schools are often scheduled for September.

When deciding on a school place there is lots to consider and for some it can be a source of contention and tricky to resolve, especially for separated and divorced parents. The disagreement may be based on a number of factors and can be especially hard if the two parents now live in different locations.

Whatever the source of the conflict, where can separated parents turn? Family mediation can be a very useful process as it enables parents to discuss their issues in a non-confrontational way and can help them to find a way forward in the best interests of the child. In some circumstances the mediator can also meet with the child to enable them to have a voice. To find out more, contact the Stone King mediation team.

Words by Rebecca Eels, Family & Mediation Team

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