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Spotting the true value for money in broadband

With providers continually vying for attention with record speeds, latest deals and the prolific misuse of the term ‘fibre’, cities such as Bath are bombarded by broadband. An industry largely dominated by who can shout the loudest, what’s best for the consumer in terms of actual value for money, is often lost in translation.

From packages to providers, making sense of the bits and bytes of broadband can seem like an impossible task. But equipped with the right knowledge, it’s easy to spot what delivers the best service and value for money when it comes to broadband.

Understanding the small print

With a plethora of ‘latest broadband deals’ continually up for grabs, it’s easy to take them at face value. Tempted with fast speeds or low-cost options, these services are often over sold but under deliver.

Opting for the fastest speeds or lowest prices might seem the most obvious options, but they’re not always the smartest. Paying for a 500Mbps package isn’t a good move if you only get close to those speeds at 3am when no one else is online. And at the other end of the price spectrum, a £20 a month deal isn’t such great value when the connection continually cuts out and causes constant frustration.

Don’t be fooled into going for the most obvious option. Ask your provider if they can deliver the advertised 500Mbps speeds around the clock, or if they only provide average speeds. Without checking, you could end up paying for a top notch for speeds you don’t actually receive.

Bandwidth or speed?

Everyone talks about broadband speeds. Of course, they’re an important measure for broadband. But at peak times, with everyone on their devices, speed alone won’t get you very far: bandwidth will.

Think of bandwidth as the road or motorway: at rush hour, when there is a lot of traffic congestion, the number of lanes available will impact how fast the cars – in this case your broadband network users – can drive. Having enough bandwidth is like having the fast lane all to yourself – you can speed along happily without all those frustrating stop/starts. By contrast, if you have insufficient bandwidth to cope with all the other users on the digital highway, you will get shunted into the slow lane.

So a broadband provider might claim to offer 500Mbps speeds, but if your network doesn’t have this bandwidth capacity available, then it simply won’t be able to reach those speeds.

Beware fake fibre

What many people don’t know, is that there are two types of ‘fibre’ broadband, which although advertised using the same term, deliver very different results.

Full fibre, also known as fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) or fibre-to-the property (FTTP), gives every property its own dedicated connection. Providing the property with the same, guaranteed speeds around the clock.

Part fibre, also known as fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) has a fibre cable running to the cabinet, and is then split to service multiple properties. Because the fibre has been split between lots of properties it creates fluctuating speeds particularly at peak times when everyone is trying to use the service. Commonly, it’s advertised using it fastest potential speeds, but is based on ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds which fluctuate hugely.

Truespeed’s a full fibre promise

At Truespeed we only provide full fibre, no property ever has to share its connection and is why we can guarantee our speeds. With your own dedicated connection right to your door, you get the bandwidth you need 24/7.

Our network is future-proofed and will last for generations, as our service is equipped to offer speeds up to 10Gbps. Once our infrastructure is built, that’s it: we can remotely increase speeds at any time. This means, unlike other providers, we won’t need to dig up roads in years to come and will easily handle all your online needs no matter what the future holds.

Value for money today and tomorrow

While you can certainly find cheaper inferior broadband services elsewhere, more and more people are realising just how important guaranteed speeds and ultra-reliability are to their daily lives. And how full fibre offers value for money and stops you wasting valuable time on spinning wheels and dropouts.

Knowing your online needs are taken care of for years to come, is the best piece of mind and value for money you can possibly get. And the great news is, Truespeed is rolling out its network in Bath. So, to secure your place in the digital fast lane, simply visit.

Written by Kim Abbott, PR & Communications Manager for Truespeed.