Settling Down in Bath

Ron Pringle | Co-Founder, Beau Nash Bath

An ever-growing number of expats and newcomers are establishing their roots in Bath. Not a week passes when I’m not asked why I love Bath so much or why they should consider Bath as their new home. We never thought we’d settle down in Bath, but looking back it has been one of the best decisions we ever made.

Three decades of expat life in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America were filled with adventure, hard graft, and the exciting challenge of managing diverse cultures. Friends were made from all over the world and our children grew up as independent globally savvy individuals.

Initially, we decided to buy a property in Bath as a lock-up-and-leave while we were still living abroad. The kids were at universities around the country and Bath served as a convenient middle point that could be easily accessed by the family. As with all who visit Bath; the appeal soon gets under your skin. Bath has always been a city ready to wow. The architecture, the numerous independent shops, the restaurants, and pubs, our many theatres (at least seven at last count) and even our very own Bath Rugby at The Rec all contribute to making Bath a rather unique liveable place.

There is, however, one key ingredient which really sets Bath apart as a place to live: the warmth of its people. The hotchpotch of Bathonians combined with settlers from far and wide make it a wonderfully diverse & friendly city. I’m reminded almost daily by visitors who go out of their way to comment about the friendliness of our people.

Moving into a UNESCO World Heritage Site isn’t without its challenges. Renovating and maintaining a Grade I listed Georgian home is not for the faint-hearted. It takes time to learn the conservation rules and build a list of trusted trade professionals or property specialists. Once you have your little blue book of go to contacts, you guard it with your life.

But like many before me, Bath has given me a place I can call home. Drawn to the place, the true beauty of settling down lies in the people, experiences, and the new memories it has created. We will always recommend Bath as an ideal city, especially for those, who, like us, have spent decades exploring the world and are now looking to create a lasting home.;;
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