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Royal High School Bath: IB cohort 2021 celebrate incredible results

After another year full of uncertainty and upheaval faced by students across the UK due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, Royal High School Bath GDST are delighted to learn that their Year 13 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students have achieved a set of excellent results.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of students and staff, Royal High School Bath GDST IB students have achieved an impressive average point score of 40 out of a possible total of 45. 170,000 IB students from around the world achieved an average score of 32.99 points. Over half of students achieved 40+ points, a feat typically achieved by only the top 10% of students worldwide.

Four students got 45/45 and four students got 44/45. According to UNIS, “less than 1% of students receiving the IB diploma obtain a score of 45 points” and “only 7% receive the top grade of a 7” in each subject so all students have done phenomenally well.

Royal High School Bath GDST also extend our congratulations to two students who are doing A Levels but decided to take one IB course as a standalone subject and have received IB certificates in Computer Science and Mandarin, achieving top marks with 7 points each.

This year’s scores were based on externally marked assessments and predicted grades submitted by the school and based on evidence from throughout the course.

Students did well across all subjects but were strongest in English Literature, Languages and STEM subjects including Design Technology, Computer Science and Physics, where all students achieved 7 points.

Mrs Jude Taylor, IB coordinator, said, “They have dealt with more uncertainty than most young people of their age, and have become remarkably resilient as a result.”

Mr Nick Hayward, Head of Sixth Form, said, “I simply want to pay tribute to the most remarkable group of girls who have shown such extraordinary levels of resilience, spirit, verve and energy while in the Sixth Form.” He went on to say about the IB: “It is one element of the Sixth Form of the Royal High School that makes it truly special and it constantly reminds me of what learning should be about.”

These results follow the outstanding grades of our 2020 IB cohort who achieved an average point score per student of 38.6 (while the global average was 31.4). We were recently commended as a ‘Top IB School for 2020’ by the Education Advisors who run the www.ib-schools.com website, which aims to provide clear information, advice and services to parents and students seeking a private education. The award certifies that Royal High School Bath GDST is a ‘Top 50 Global IB School’ (out of over 3000 IB schools) and a ‘Top 20 IB School in the UK’ (out of about 130 UK based IB schools) for our 2020 results.

Royal High School Bath GDST are so proud of each and every student who have taken the IB Diploma, especially since they are the only school in the local Bath area to run it. Through the IB Diploma programme, students develop the professional, academic and personal skills to be ready for any future challenge they may face at university and beyond. Nick Hayward said: “The IB is a testing qualification and does demand a great deal from those who do it, and doubly so under Covid and lockdowns. But the rewards are immeasurable, of course, and it has been an undiluted joy watching the girls grow academically, develop in confidence and flourish in all the myriad ways that the IB unlocks. I know they will thrive in whatever they attempt and wish them every success in the future.”

Royal High School Bath GDST wish this year’s IB cohort every success and happiness as they move forward onto the next steps in their academic careers and we hope they come back to Royal High soon to share their stories and inspire future generations of IB students.