Richardson Swift launch probate service

Head of inheritance tax planning at Richardson Swift accountants, Calvin Healy, has announced that the firm will now be adding probate to its range of services.

Though usually considered the domain of the legal profession, a change in the law means that specially qualified accountants can now offer the service as long as the will is not contested.

Calvin, who is also a director of the Bath-based chartered accountants and tax advisers, said the new service would not, however, put the firm in competition with the city’s solicitors.

“We work collaboratively with law firms recommending and introducing clients when their needs go beyond our remit and vice versa. There are some overlaps between accountancy and law, many of the solicitors we work with also offer some tax advice around trust etc.

“So, there’s no reason why adding this service shouldn’t benefit both Richardson Swift and the firms we work closely with.”

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