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Review: Revive, rejuvenate and revitalise at Frontlinestyle

Jessica Hope tries the pioneering CACI Synergy facial and body treatment at Frontlinestyle Bath

Despite the questionable weather we’ve been experiencing lately, it is in fact summer. And summer means one thing in this country – it’s wedding season. It’s a week until my sister’s wedding and I will be walking down the aisle with her as her only bridesmaid on the big day, channelling the elegance of Pippa Middleton (I hope!). As lovely as it is to be involved in the ceremony, as anyone involved in a wedding tends to feel, it is a bit daunting having all those eyes and cameras on you.

Being prone to break outs and blemishes, I visited Frontlinestyle Hair and Beauty Salon on Monmouth Street to get my skin ready ahead of the wedding. I tried the award-winning CACI Synergy facial treatment which exfoliates, targets lines and wrinkles, and cleanses the skin of impurities and blemishes.

My lovely therapist Fran explains how the salon is using brand new CACI technology, which currently isn’t available in any other salon in Bath, where the therapists use a microcurrent and LED light to help tone and soften the skin. This technology can be used on all skin types and can help different conditions, from acne to wrinkles, scar tissue to eczema.

I begin my facial with a peel – don’t be put off this, it isn’t one of those scary, acid, skin eroding peels you might have heard horror stories about. Fran applies a gorgeous strawberry-smelling cream before gently gliding the ultrasonic peeling tool along my face, which softens my face and takes off the dead skin and impurities. She then uses red and blue light, which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, during a deep exfoliation which stimulates tissue repair, encourages collagen and calms my skin.

Fran then applies a numbing cream to my forehead and above my lips and uses a wrinkle comb to smooth out my lines and plump my lips – I can see the difference on my forehead almost instantly. Light probes are then applied to the blemishes on my forehead and chin, which help to heal my problem areas. To calm my skin after this deep cleanse, Fran adds a cooling mask and gently massages my face using probes with blue light. After applying a Caudalie SPF 50, my skin is left soft and smooth, while my blemishes have certainly gone down and my pores are cleansed. My skin looks more relaxed and fresh than it has in a long while.

Fran then moves on to my next treatment – a CACI Synergy cellulite massager for the thighs and bottom. Well, how else am I going to get prepared for my Pippa moment in the spotlight? If you’d like to fight cellulite, tone your legs and bum and get ready for your beach holiday, then a course of this treatment is recommended. Using a microcurrent from the CACI machine, the treatment helps break down fatty deposits, and encourages circulation and drainage in my lymphatic system, as well as tightening and sculpting this area.

This is an intense and deep treatment (it isn’t a relaxing massage), but certainly isn’t uncomfortable. Plus, as it is around 30 minutes long, it’s perfect to fit in during your lunch break. A Clarins anti-cellulite cream is then applied to my legs and bottom, which helps to lift and tighten my skin.

Off I go, prepped and ready for the wedding. Just wondering whether Prince Harry got his invitation . . .

The CACI Synergy purifying facial is £60 and the CACI Electro cellulite massager is £35, a course of 10 is recommended.

Frontlinestyle, 4 – 5 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2AJ. To book, tel: 01225 478478 or visit: frontlinestyle.co.uk.