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Relationship coaching with Alison Heather Sutton

Looking for a different approach to relationship help?Imagine if you could work out your issues without focusing on your problems.

And you could bring the freshness, peace and enjoyment back. Imagine if you knew that whatever happened you would be okay and that you can bounce back from anything. And that what you believe the problem is right now it is something completely different that you are currently not seeing.

And it only takes one of you to see something new to make a difference.Traditional relationship counselling gets you to look at your dissatisfactions and the way you are communicating, with the idea of bridging the gap and finding compromise. Many people find this is not helpful and can often do more harm.

Common sense tells us that the “problems” are actually symptoms, and not the cause of the difficulty, and that it’s looking in the wrong direction. This approach, which has benefited 1000’s of people, is different and works directly on the cause- our psychological immune system. As a result, our mind and emotions settle down, we have new insights and can see the way forward.

To try this for yourself, or have any questions answered please get in touch.

Web: alisonheathersutton.co.uk
Email: alison@alisonheathersutton.co.uk
Tel: 07713 626673