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The Brave Zone: Questions Clients Ask Before They Buy

Clients ask 3 questions before they decide to buy your services: “Do I like and trust you?” “Do you understand me?” “Can you help me?” Have you answered those in your marketing?

Marketing your own service is more than just creating a sexy slogan or a cool website. It’s about showing clients that you care and can help them. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes.

What makes them like and trust you? Is it your list of achievements and awards? Well, maybe in part. But in my experience, it doesn’t start with achievements. It starts with intention. People can feel your intention. Do you care more about getting the sale for yourself, or do you really care about solving their problems? “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” may be cliché, but it’s true. So what problem are you passionate to solve? Why?

Next, how do you show that you understand your clients? Many of you are selling a solution because something has happened in your life that makes you passionate about helping others with the same challenge. How do you share stories about yourself that makes them feel like you understand what they’re going through?

And finally, how do you show that you can help them? Many of you just talk about your products, and don’t start by talking about your client’s challenges. And this is why you sound salesy. When you start with the issue that your target market is experiencing and then discuss your service as a solution to it, you become a problem solver.

Remember the 3 questions clients ask before they choose a service provider: “Do I like and trust you?” “Do you understand me?” and “Can you help me?” Make sure your marketing shows them the answers to these questions.

I hope this has given you some insight. Please book a call if you want an objective set of eyes.

I help dedicated self-employed professionals create a comprehensive marketing approach in only 3 sessions, so they can reach their dream life without wasting time and money.

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