My name is Paul Fisher, and I started IMAtechie Ltd as a small London based business in 2009. It formed part of Savoir Faire Consultancy Ltd, which was established in 1998 and provided IT services within the banking, insurance and MOD business sectors.

Although this company offered a more specialised, corporate related service, it formed the foundation of my technology knowledge today and gave me the flexibility to adapt – there is a well-known saying: ‘The only constant in the technology industry, is change!’

IMAtechie Ltd has been based in Bath since 2010, and provides a wide range of technology services to the city and the surrounding areas. I have accumulated over 30 years of experience within the technology industry, and a diverse knowledge base; I have developed and supported a whole host of software, built bespoke PCs and media centres, installed networks and audio-visual systems.

Paul Fisher

Creating client relationships is a focal point where I am concerned, as repeat business is key. By doing this, you become the first point of contact for a technology requirement or problem and as a result, I have clients in Bath, Bristol, Cornwall, London and Meribel.

My aim is to provide you, the client, with a single technology services solution for the home and small business that allows you to concentrate on what is important.

My ‘Mission Statement’ is to offer a friendly and professional service, a pricing structure that is realistic in an uncertain economy, and respond to requests in a timely and efficient manner.

Here is a brief overview of the services I can offer:
Maintenance of hardware and software support of networks, systems, hardware & software networks; installation, setup and configuration software; development, installation, setup and configuration hardware; installation, setup and configuration audio and visual; installation, setup configuration.

One of the biggest problems within the technology industry is the breakdown of communication between the end-user or client, and the technology expert. Although, you may speak the same language, communication can be somewhat confusing if you are not technically minded.

One of my key skills is that I can break down that barrier. I will not speak what is commonly known as ‘Techno-Babble’, but a language that I too would wish to experience when not familiar with a subject. After all, it is important that you understand the problem to get an appreciation of cost.

It is worth noting that it is almost impossible to escape technology, it is everywhere and can prove to be your friend or foe. It can make your life that much easier or can be frustrating and time consuming when a problem arises. IMAtechie Ltd can offer a single point of contact to help you resolve technology related issues or find solutions and implement them.