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Perspectives on positivity

Stepping into a new year can make you feel positive in itself, but what happens if the trials of the year that’s gone are hard to shake off? Heidi Rearden and Viv Kenchington provide some practical ideas about moving forward positively

Heidi Rearden, Reiki consultant

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are a time for celebrations. Just after the winter solstice the increasing sunlight starts to warm the earth and it’s the turning point of winter, and every year we can always count on the welcome transition to spring. Humans have been celebrating the new year for centuries and cultures all around the world celebrate in their own unique ways. Here we honour the new year by gathering with friends, both old and new. We have joyful gatherings, share food and wine, listen to music and dance. It’s all about toasting the counting down of the last seconds of the current year and bringing in the hope of the future year ahead. This year we won’t be able to meet in the same way because of Covid 19, but with 2020 being a year of massive change for all on the planet, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the hope that 2021 brings.

Revel in the hope of starting a new year afresh because letting go of the last 12 months and casting off its shadows can be a wonderful way to begin the new year. Reiki can help with this both for you, your family and your home. The energy that occurs in everything around us is the Universal Energy that is Reiki, and this can help to bring hope and joy to us and our environment.

Certain customs around the world based on the idea of leaving the old year behind and welcoming in the new one can come across as superstitous. It’s the intention of ending the past year in a respectful way and bringing in positive intentions for the new. However you celebrate and even if that means going to bed at 9pm, here is wishing you a hopeful New Year 2021.


Viv Kenchington, hypnotherapist

What it is that drives positivity or feelings of hopefulness? I think it has a lot to do with perspective, and thinking differently to change your perspective. It’s easy to fall into the same patterns day-in-day-out. Wake up the same way, eat the same breakfast, work the same way, eat the same dinners, go to sleep. While it’s great to have structure and good habits in your life, you can’t grow and improve your life if you don’t think differently about your routine. The best way to change the way you think is to change the perspective of how you’re looking at things. This allows for growth and for new ideas and thoughts to enter your mind.

Tips for Changing Your Perspective:

• Consider others’ perspective. It may seem like a simple idea, but putting yourself in other people’s shoes could help you find a new way of looking at situations. How one person experiences something can be completely different to your experience, so take into account other perspectives to gain a fuller picture.

• Think of the bigger picture. Leading on from the previous point, it’s easy to get lost in the little details. However, thinking of the bigger picture can help you gain clarity and may relieve some stress
along the way. Think about how your actions and behaviour could change the bigger picture.

• Communicate effectively. “The meaning of your communication is the response you get” – this forms part of the philosophy of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), where communication is key. When you are not getting the correct response, think about the way you are phrasing questions. It’s your responsibility to get your meaning across in the way that it’s intended. Rephrasing questions can sometimes mean a much more harmonious household, classroom or workplace.

• Write down your negative thoughts. As a solution-focused hypnotherapist, the emphasis is on the positives, but it’s useful to think about your list of negatives, focus on these thoughts, and think about how they affect your mood. Negative thoughts can cloud our judgement and our perspective, and so realising the affects these thoughts have can help to give them less power. Now write out a positive list and feel the difference. That second list will bring up feelings of excitement, confidence and determination.

• Help others. Helping those less fortunate than you can put your struggles into perspective. While your worries are not invalidated because others have it worse, it can help to make you feel positive.

• Change your routine, even for a day. This can give you insight into how you can actively change your life. Walk the dog down a different route, try a new restaurant, message old friends. Do things you wouldn’t normally do; the results might surprise you!

Perspective can make all the difference

How you perceive yourself, others, and the world around you can have a huge impact on your thoughts, emotions, and outlook. You can choose to take a negative perspective which in turn will reflect on your mood, or you can pivot your perspective and see what positive things life has to offer.