OLC Accountancy: enthusiastic, professional staff

OCL are very proud to employ excellent staff, and even more when their efforts are recognised by their professional bodies.

Emily Cocking is the accountancy’s Payroll Senior and member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP). Let Emily take up the story:

“I was invited to the recent CIPP annual excellence awards at Celtic Manor in Wales. I have a good relationship with the CIPP and have been to their offices to film an interview that is on their website, and have featured regularly in their monthly magazine this year – I feel very lucky to have had these opportunities! Recently I was invited as a guest to the annual CIPP excellence awards as a result of my hard work during NPW (national payroll week). To celebrate I made a NPW cheesecake for the office, created a payroll quiz for everyone and connected with other payroll professionals in the industry, setting them a quiz! I posted every day on Linkedin with everything I was doing and the CIPP wanted to reward me!”

OCL’S congratulations go to Emily; they are pleased to have her as a team member.

Payroll is of course only one of the services the accountancy provides, but one that has become more complicated with issues such as the furlough scheme, and more recently the changes in national insurance contributions, on top of SSP, SMP etc. Don’t hesitate to contact OCL if you need assistance.

Next month they’ll be back with the usual tax saving tips, easy to understand explanations of tax and business opportunities – for now, the team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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