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New Business in Bath Dr Lucy Facial Aesthetics

Dr Lucy has recently opened her clinic in Widcombe, Bath bringing her style of Facial Aesthetic techniques to her home town. Lucy is a Practising dentist and has been for 23 years. Qualifying in 1998 she moved to Bath and has been here ever since.

Most dentists are perfectionists and Lucy is no exception. Her eye for detail means she has easily transferred her skills in Cosmetic Dentistry to the world of Facial Aesthetics.

She has been Practicing in the Cotswold town of Tetbury for many years, but now, living in Bath, she has decided to bring her Aesthetic techniques closer to home, creating a better work life balance.

For those in the know, Widcombe is a buzzing area of Bath, close to the city centre. Dr Lucy’s clinic offers a state of the art clinical environment but is comfortable and welcoming at the same time. It is discretely tucked away behind Widcombe Parade and has client parking.

The new clinic offers a range of treatments from Wrinkle Relaxing, to Dermal Fillers, Profhilo to skin care. Lucy is an Obagi Ambassador and prescribes the full range of prescription skin care.

She specialises in anti–ageing treatments but prides herself on making sure her clients don’t look ‘done’. Her motto is ‘good facial aesthetics shouldn’t be noticeable’. Blending facial features that affect a clients confidence is another area she’s passionate about. She also uses her dental knowledge to treat migraines and jaw problems.

Considering Cosmetic Treatments can be a difficult conversation to have with yourself. Our lines and wrinkles show how we have lived and laughed. Everyone will have them- there is no escape! But having little tweaks can take years off. Anti- wrinkle injections help ease your facial movements so your expressions are not as powerful. By temporarily easing the movement the wrinkles cannot form.

Hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers can be used to replace the tissues that deplete as we age, (for example bone, muscle, collagen and fat). For instance, fat pad loss in the midface can make you look tired and is often exaggerated in women who exercise. But they can also be used to enhance features (lips) or disguise areas such as jowls or a bump in a nose.

Profhilo is great for skin that has started to lose moisture, elasticity and plumpness. It is the purest form of Hyaluronic acid and is injected into the skin to give you a glow. It won’t change the shape, volume or muscle movement of your face so perfect for those looking for a starter level.

Bringing all her knowledge and experience of the face and neck means she can deliver the perfect treatment every time.

At the clinic, a typical new enquiry starts with a thorough consultation. A medical history is taken as well as a full face assessment. The most important aspect is listening to the client and finding out what they want. Natural is the key word – most people don’t want to look like they’ve had anything done. Dr Lucy can enhance natural features and use subtle tweaks to help turn back the clock. Usually – less is more.

If you’d like to book in for a consultation go to:
doctorlucy.co.uk and fill in the online booking form.

Dr Lucy’s clinic is situated at:
10 Rossiter Rd, Bath, BA2 4JP
Tel; 07887514154