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Mogers Drewett: the importance of appointing a guardian for your children

Becoming a parent is life-changing and with so much planning involved along the way, it is hardly surprising that many people do not consider drafting a Will and appointing a guardian at what is a very important stage of their lives.

Why appoint a guardian?

If there was one person in the world you would trust to bring up your child, who would it be? This is a difficult question, and one which can prevent people from finalising their Wills. Making a Will and incorporating a “guardianship clause allows you specify who you would like to bring up your child if you were not around as opposed to leaving it to the court to decide.

Should I make a Will?

A guardianship appointment only needs to be in writing and signed and dated to be valid. It can be a letter of wishes, setting out how you would like your child to be brought up. This can include a range of different things, from the kind of education you would like them to have, to sports, activities or hobbies you would like them to take part in. You can even specify which family members and friends you would like your child to be kept in touch with. It is a very personal letter and, although not legally binding, it can be very useful for the person responsible for bringing up your child. However it is worth thinking about including this in your Will as this also takes into account other aspects of the administration of your estate such as who your executors/trustees will be as they will be responsible for dealing withthe estate funds and releasing money to the guardian.

For more information in relation to appointing a guardian or making a Will, please contact David Hill on 01225 750 000 or david.hill@mogersdrewett.com we are here to help.