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Heidi Rearden

Mindful meditation

by Reiki practitioner Heidi Rearden

‘Many in body, one in mind’ means that we’ve all gone through a really challenging time together. Lockdown has been worse for some people than others, and over the last months, I’ve been offering distance Reiki sessions and remote Feng Shui consultations. Distance Reiki is like a meditation, focusing on the overall wellbeing of the person receiving the session and remote Feng Shui consultations enable the harmonising and balancing of energy in living spaces.

For the planet and for animals and plants alike, lockdown was a restful peace but for us humans it has brought some anxiety and fear, which I’m finding is slowly lifting. Practising Reiki and consulting on Feng Shui during the pandemic, I found some people having similar experiences. The main areas in which I’ve found most people have benefitted is around the area of their hearts, throats and tops of their heads. Many people had felt a heaviness in these areas of their bodies and have found a feeling of lightness and increased joy after Reiki. One particular focus I found has been on ‘grounding’ and creating a path and connection between the body and mind.

The remote Feng Shui has encouraged a flow of energy into people’s homes, freeing the atmosphere that has been left by previous residents. Illuminating the homes has increased the flow of energy and given a sense of freedom and flow.

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