We are a family run removals and storage company. Marcus, the company director started the business in 2011 after 14 years within the removals industry and with the knowledge and passion that he could provide exceptional service in and around the beautiful Georgian city of Bath.

I started as a removal man in 1997; an enjoyable job that at the end of the day you felt you had worked hard and earned your pay. I was young and liked the challenge of being ‘on the go’ all day.

Over the last 20 years my role has changed and developed; from casual worker, team leader, store man, operator and now company director of ‘Mardan Removals and Storage Ltd’, which includes all of the afore-mentioned and much, much more. Who knew a casual job after finishing school would lead me to being a removal man, businessman and company director! I now have far more grey hairs and wrinkles as well, and on the plus side a wealth of knowledge that continues to grow. I by no means feel I know and have learnt everything, often wondering where the business will be in the next 20 years; will my twin boys, now 9, continue to run it, who knows.

A typical day starts at 6am when my alarm drags me from a deep sleep and warm and cosy bed, I finally get up 10 minutes later than I should. Not so hard on a lovely summers day but in the deep dark depths of winter when it is pitch black outside, a strong cup of tea is in much demand to wake me up.

My wife, who keeps me organised, always make sure I have a good breakfast to keep my mind and body on the job! By 6.40am I am leaving the house for another hectic day. Luckily the yard is only a couple of miles from my home so it is not long before I am onsite opening the gates, an office and mess room. The kettle is shortly boiling ready for my second cuppa! The rest of the team arrive shortly behind me; drivers, porters, sales and operations manager. At Mardan we are so lucky that the majority of us have worked together for over 20 years and we are colleagues as well as really good friends. A good team makes a world of difference.

After a swift cup of tea the drivers start the vans and complete their walk around check of the lorries to ensure they are in full working and safe order. As a rule we aim to be out on the road by no later than 7.30am arriving at our jobs by 8am.

My role has two aspects; the removal man and company director. I love being out on a move; leading a team, driving a lorry, meeting our customers, packing, loading and delivering. On arrival at a job we always make sure a team member greets our customer, introduces the team and walks around the property taking note of any special customer instructions. As a team we all have different strengths and we use these to ensure move day goes without a hitch. Gareth, is definitely our star packer. He packs up a house so quickly, yet with such care and attention, with all boxes marked for their room of destination, truly amazing! The rest of us load the lorry. A removal mans fitness is key and we have been know to run, we don’t walk slowly, up to 15 miles in a day!!! Through out the day we always make sure the customer is happy and not too overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the day, and a cup of tea is always welcome. Once the van is fully loaded we make our way to the new address and in an equally efficient manner we unload the lorry. We are so efficient that we have been known, on numerous occasions, to arrive at property before the old owners have finished moving out, and so to ensure our customer is settled into their new home we will assist the old owner removal team! We are certainly not a team that likes to be sat still!! Prior to departure we will always ensure the customer is happy with where we have placed everything and any adjustments are made. Its fair to say at the end of the day the team feel a sense of pride in what they have achieved.

On the days I am office based, I work closely with both, Nik, the sales manager and my wife. We all have crucial roles to play ensuring the business runs smoothly. An office day for me would usually consist of; answering the phone, visiting customers homes for quotes, typing up quotes and following up recent quotes with a phone call, I send out invoices, I plan the weeks operations, I attend customers who are visiting our store, and receive items for storage for kitchen companies that use our facilities. I am definitely not one to be sat behind a desk, my wife often comments, ‘I think you need a walk around the yard’.

My day usually finishes between 5pm and 5.30pm when I truly ready for my tea and to see my family.

So 9 years on what next for 2020? Our focus this year is growing and optimising our storage facility, continuing to develop staff skills and improving our eco friendliness.

To find out more, visit: mardanremovals.co.uk