JB Denture Clinic aim to help patients improve their dental health and appearance so they can find the way to a healthy smile and a better life.

Jaime Brain Dip CDT RCS, is a fully qualified and registered clinical dental technician and takes great satisfaction from seeing the difference that his work can make to his patients. Jaime is highly experienced in providing cosmetic dentures to his patients and his advanced knowledge helps him solve even the most challenging of denture problems.

Jaime is a GDC registered clinical dental technician. Originally from the South West, he trained at Cardiff University before then undertaking his CDT training at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada and the Royal College of Surgeons in London, England. Jaime takes great pride in seeing the difference his work makes to his patients’ lives.

Jaime has been working with dentures for over 18 years and is highly experienced in tailoring them for patients who have often struggled to wear dentures comfortably in the past.

Jaime works closely with all of his patients to provide the full range of solutions to denture wearers; whether it be full or partial dentures, implant supported over dentures or, where required, fixed solutions.

Jaime Brain

Free Denture Consultation is available at JB Denture Clinic

JB Denture Clinic offer a friendly, free denture consultation to all patients, this gives the team the chance to see the health of your gums and find out exactly what you are looking for.

Everyone’s mouth is different and dentures are a very personal matter, so, it is very important for JB Denture Clinic to spend a lot of time with its patients and treat each person as an individual. Everyone’s perception of how they should or would like to look will differ from person to person, so by telling the team what you are looking for they can advise on what they can do for you.

The free denture consultation also allows for them to show you examples of materials they use and fully explain the advantages they can give your dentures. And of course, JB Denture Clinic will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your dentures.

During your first, free, no obligation denture consultation, the specialists will undertake a detailed evaluation of the health of your gums and also find out exactly what you’re looking for from your dentures. This will enable them to create a detailed treatment plan just for you.

This may include:
• Assessing problems with current dentures
• Taking details about your medical and dental history
• Full clinical assessment and oral examination
• Advice on helping you achieve optimum oral health
• Asking you how you would like your new dentures to look
• Showing you examples of dentures and teeth

You will then receive a run-through of the different types of dentures available and procedures involved, along with costs so that you can make an informed decision based on the information that is presented to you. The free consultation also allows them to show you examples of materials used and from there the team can explain the advantage of each material and how it will affect your dentures.

Call the Bath Clinic on 01225 311 681 or the Bristol Clinic on 0117 967 9202 to book your free consultation.

Two important questions often asked:

Do I need to see a Dentist or can I see a Clinical Dental Technician?

A Clinical Dental Technician can directly treat, create and fit a complete set of dentures to patients who have experienced total tooth loss. If you are looking for partial dentures as you may have some of your own natural teeth remaining or you have had a dental implant, you must first be seen or referred by a dentist before treatment can begin.

If you don’t have a regular dentist, or if preferred, the team can refer you to local dentists who they work with and recommend.

What Is A Clinical Dental Technician?

The role of the Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) sits somewhere between that of a dentist who would take the patient’s impressions, and that of a dental technician who would receive the impressions from a dentist and then make the dentures. The CDT does both roles, takes the impression and makes/fits the dentures.

Registered CDT’s are legally qualified to give oral examinations and to check that the mouth is in a healthy state, along with the taking of impressions of the edentulous mouth (no teeth). It is, however, illegal for regular dental technicians to offer this service and anybody who has dealt with a dental technician direct for the provision of dentures.

Do not hesitate to contact JB Denture Clinic with all your denture needs and questions at JB Denture Clinic by phoning today to book your FREE consultation on: 01225 311 681

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