In 2017 Independent Spirit of Bath became a Douglas Laing & Co emporium. That not only means that they sell a lot of their ranges including the remarkable regional malts but it also means that they get access to all sorts of delicious whisky including their single casks and special editions. What is also also means is that Independent Spirit of Bath have now released their own whisky with them.

They have recently released a 13 year old grain whisky from Port Dundas, a whisky distillery from the heart of Glasgow. Sadly the distillery was demolished in 2011 never to be rebuilt, so this bottling really is a piece of history. This also is the first time a grain whisky has been bottled with a Douglas Laing & Co emporium.

Only 126 bottles are available of this single cask single grain. For those who are unaware, single grain whisky uses grain other than malted barley, such as maize, distilled in a column still to produce a lighter spirit than single malt. The barrel does the hard work and this whisky is only available this Christmas.

Bottled at 48.4%, notes of strawberry, vanilla, creme brulee, ginger and soft christmas spices for £38.95.