Green fingered volunteers renovate DHI garden

Employees from property management firm Touchstone have volunteered their time to help Developing Health & Independence (DHI) renovate the garden of one of their supported living houses in central Bath. DHI supports people with issues including homelessness, alcohol or drug problems or mental health problems.

Touchstone is headquartered in Bath and has been a supporter of the charity for the last few years. Colleagues from Touchstone spent a day working alongside DHI cutting back greenery, installing a new bike rack, building new privacy fencing and planting a wide variety of late summer plants.

The garden needed considerable updating, so as well as volunteering, Touchstone part funded this work and paid for plants, a bike rack, new tools and materials.

Sarah Lawes, Touchstone, said: 

“Our charity work is massively important to us, and being based in Bath, we love working with DHI where we can make a tangible difference. Our colleagues have loved giving their time to renovate this garden. It’s fantastic knowing their hard work will have such a positive impact for the current residents and many others in the future.”

Rosie Phillips, Chief Executive, DHI, said:

“We are so grateful to Touchstone for their support. Now this garden is renovated, it will benefit the residents to have a spot to relax and let nature aid their recovery.”