Having a comfortable bed and using a blackout blind are named as two of the top tips for getting a good night’s sleep. Emma Clegg visits Frontlinestyle and discovers another

We need to sleep to survive, and yet many of us struggle to achieve the length or the quality of sleep required to make us operate at our best. Our lives are dominated by 24-hour lighting; constant interaction with the noise, lights and distraction of technology; and often irregular patterns of sleep because of work or personal demands. So how can all this be combatted? A soak in the bath, herbal infusions and meditation could all play a part, but for a transformative, immediate effect, I’d choose a Clarins Wellness Beauty Sleep treatment at Frontlinestyle.

“The Beauty Sleep treatment is a restorative ‘journey’ for the mind, senses and skin, helping renew the skin and induce a deep state of relaxation.” Alert: marketing hype? It’s true that ‘it’s-too-good-to-be-true’ scepticism would normally kick in at this point, yet having recently been treated to this particular massage, I’m happy to confirm that I’m 100 per cent behind the description.

Those who are faint of heart will be reassured by the fact that there’s no teeth-clenching deep-tissue massage in this treatment; instead the massage uses a spiral, light figure-of-eight movement called ‘leminskate’. This forms the basis of the wellness ‘touch’ treatment and is specifically designed to regulate energy and promote a deep feeling of relaxation. The leminskate strokes are applied to the face and body with a specific rhythm and level of pressure for a blissful, nurturing effect.

One of the delights of a massage is that when you lay back, you know you’re there for at least an hour, a concept that’s pretty relaxing in itself. In this case it’s 85 minutes in a darkened room with your legs and feet resting on a heated Clarins water pillow with chill-out mindfulness music washing around you. Then, as a reviving hot flannel is moved firmly over your hands you’re in ecstasy pretty much before the treatment is underway.

“There’s no teeth-clenching deep-tissue massage in this treatment; instead the massage uses a spiral, light figure-of-eight movement called ‘leminskate’”

The massage was literally head to toe, from the head and face to the tips of the toes. Using organic, circular and rhythmic moves, my massage therapist, Lauren, described the figure of eight as an infinity movement, by definition comfortingly bringing you back to where you started. Clarins products naturally had a starring role, known for their high performance formulas enriched with the purest plant extracts and aromatic essential oils. The Clarins body treatment oil used for the main massage had essential oils of geranium, petit grain, camomile and basil to help soothe tired muscles and the Eau Ressourçante spray with essential oils of basil, iris, cedarwood and sarsaparilla gives a gently uplifting boost as the massage proceeds.

There were two points where I was left to relax, half way through and at the end of the treatment, leaving me still and swathed in darkness and fluffy towels to absorb the full effects. Lying still while conscious is not something I practise much at home but having dabbled with lying down – at the same time fending off internal debates about whether my son should do his homework with his headphones on or how much the outside light being on all day contributes to the electricity bill – it does come highly recommended.

Once over, I rose from the bed feeling surrounded by a warm, protective glow. It stayed with me as I left the Frontlinestyle salon and all the way home, too. I even detected it the next morning. This, I felt sure, must be the Feel Good factor. I instructed my family to not irk me or place any demands on me (well that evening, anyway), otherwise they would dissipate the calming effects of the treatment. The professional advice, indeed, is always to have this treatment in the latter part of the day so you can go home and take it easy and prepare for a deep and restorative sleep.

Clarins Beauty Sleep Wellness Treatment, £70, Frontlinestyle, 4–5 Monmouth Street, Bath. Tel: 01225 478478; frontlinestyle.co.uk