In need of some skin rejuvenation, Crystal Rose heads to Enhance Medispa for a dermaplane and LED light therapy session

Receiving a total face refresh has never been easier. Long gone are the days of worrying about those little patches of fuzz on your face and never quite being able to reach that optimal glowing complexion that others seem to achieve.

Not only is dermaplaning essential for exfoliating the face and abolishing that peach fuzz (fine vellus hair that you often find on your side-burn areas), it is also a great way to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin – proteins that typically reduce with age.

If it’s a deep clean and exfoliation that you are after, then look no further than the dermaplaning treatment available at Enhance Medispa, on George Street. Offered with an optional addition of a LED light therapy afterwards, dermaplaning is a simple and safe way to rejuvenate the skin.

Heading to the medispa (virtually) next door to TBM HQ, I’m met by owner Hannah, who begins by discussing my skin concerns and talking me through the whole process over a cup of coffee. It’s important to note that sun exposure, sun beds, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and botox should be avoided 14 days before and after the treatment. Equally avoid waxing, tweezing, depilatory creams, threading, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments, retinols and high percentage AHAs and BHAs a week before and after the treatment.

Let’s begin with debunking a few myths about dermaplaning – all things that I was worried about beforehand. Firstly, it is not similar to shaving. Not only is dermaplaning performed by trained professionals, a surgical scalpel is used on taughtly stretched skin. Plus, the strokes used during the treatment are much shorter in order to resurface the skin on a deeper level and therefore be a lot more effective than shaving – this treatment is not just to remove hairs, but to also scrape away the outermost layers of the epidermis. Have no fear, you will not suddenly grow facial hair – a worry that I expressed to Hannah. In the first two weeks after the treatment, hairs may feel a little blunter and more noticeable as you will be more wary of any regrowth, but the type of hair will not be altered. Rest assured that in three to four weeks the fluff will have returned as it was before.

The treatment begins with a meticulous double-cleanse using the HydroPeptide cleansing gel ­– once to remove make-up and impurities and again to ensure that the skin is squeaky clean. Next comes an application of the HydroPeptide pre-treatment toner. As the final step before the dermaplaning begins, this is essential for balancing and brightening the skin and is used for prepping before the treatment.

Before Hannah gets to work, she ensures me that this is a pain-free treatment and it will feel similar to a scraping sensation. As Hannah sets to work around my face, I feel as though the old, dead skin is being thrown away.

Skilled at what she does, Hannah removes the skin and peach fuzz with no fuss while chatting. I’m in good hands and find myself really enjoying the sensation of the treatment. It is refreshing and I can instantly feel the fresh layer of skin being uncovered as she works. Avoiding the upper lip and eye area, the treatment can cause slight redness and tightness but I found it to be fine. When finished, my skin was a little red in my sensitive areas but I felt refreshed and replenished.

The recommendation after the treatment is to change your pillow case to reduce any bacteria transferring to your fresh face and it is vital to avoid touching your skin. Hannah informs me of this while applying a dollop of anti-bacterial gel to my hands to ensure that I don’t transfer any nasties to my skin. And, when it comes to make-up, it’s essential to have a day off. This is so you give your face time to cool down, relax and recover before applying anything on top.

All dermaplaned and rejuvenated, Hannah then applies the HydroPeptide rejuventating mask; this helps to calm, cool and restore the skin. The LED light therapy mask is then applied on top to help brighten my skin. This green light helps to control hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and give the skin a more radiant appearance and, it is also a great way to end the treatment. After 10 minutes laying back and relaxing under the LED mask, my skin felt soothed and rejuvenated and I was ready to tackle the outside once again.

After removing the rejuvenating mask, Hannah then applied the HydroPeptide face lift moisturiser to help protect my skin from the pollution in the city. The application of this, in addition to the final stage of applying tinted SPF 30 sunscreen (HydroPeptide solar defense tinted), I felt like a totally new woman. Fresh-faced and cleaner than ever, I’ve got the glow that I’ve always dreamed of and a super-soft, fuzz-free face to match. n

Dermaplaning, £65 and additional LED Light Therapy session, £10. Available at Enhance Medispa, 3 Miles’s Buildings, George Street, Bath BA1 2QS;