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Sulis Electrical

Electric charging points:
everything you need to know

Bath, having introduced reduced parking permits for zero emission vehicles, is ready to continue its development towards being a more eco-friendly city. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Britain, too, is poised to profit from a much-needed green economic boom.

This month, we asked Bath-based electrician Gavin Hyde of Sulis Electrical – who specialises in installing electric vehicle charge points – to tell us everything we need to know about electric cars and the current fastest growing sector.

TBM: Tell us more about your background.

GH: I am a local electrician registered with the NICEIC and I provide a full range of commercial and domestic electrical work – from lights to sockets, electrical inspections, fuse board changes, rewires and bespoke garden lighting, I can help with all electrical needs.

TBM: What does Sulis Electrical specialise in?

GH: Sulis Electrical specialises in electric car charging points for both the home and the workplace. I recently fitted an Andersen A2 on Great Pulteney Street in Bath, which is a stylish and smart charging point that hides the integrated cables. I also fit a range of makes and models of charging points, from the stylish and luxurious Andersen A2, to the advanced myenergi Zappi and Pod Point Solo.

The stylish and luxurious Anderson A2 charging point

TBM: What are the benefits of an Andersen A2, a myenergi Zappi and a Pod Point Solo model?

GH: The benefit of these three models over others is that none of them require an earth rod, which can be problematic in Bath due to the ground conditions and other services nearby.

TBM: Why should companies and electric car owners opt for these chargers?

GH: All of the chargers are designed and made in the UK, which is good for our economy. The UK leads the world in the scope and quality of its chargers. My favourite charger is the Andersen A2 as the build quality and level of attention to detail is market leading. They look so stylish and come in a range of painted and wooden finishes, so can match any property. I am also OLEV approved and can access the £350 grant on behalf of customers, which makes the install really affordable, and the chargers come with a three-year warranty. In addition to fitting chargers, I can also carry out yearly servicing and inspections to ensure the chargers are working correctly and remain safe for continued use.

The advanced myenergi Zappi charging point

TBM: How far can electric cars go on a single charge?

GH: Most new vehicles can now exceed 200 miles on a single charge and with the new improvements to the infrastructure that allow 80% recharges in just 30-40 minutes, electric cars can almost be run in the same way as conventional models, with a once-a-week refill.

TBM: Are they better for climate change?

GH: Yes, even with fossil fuels in the power mix. Many studies have shown that electric cars are more efficient, and therefore produce less greenhouse gas and other emissions than cars powered solely by internal combustion engines.

TBM: What would you say to people who are unsure whether to make the move to electric cars?

GH: I find a lot of people want to make the switch to electric but don’t understand the technology or know where to look and often get mixed or wrong information from the internet. I am here to help them navigate what for many is completely new technology, ensuring they get the right charger and have it fitted safely.

For more information about Sulis Electrical, visit sulis-electrical.co.uk